~this one's about Paul from a1, and was written before he decided to leave the band~ The Mask At The Back

Why can't you tell the truth

Why do you always put on a fake

Front that you're calm inside

Concealing that burdening ache

You're not supposed to know

You're not meant to see what I feel

I hide away at the back

There's nothing I have to conceal

You forget we know you well

Your every step is monitored by us

We pick up on everything you do

Analyzing everything he says and does

How can you know what it's like

You think I always have to smile

This isn't your job, this isn't your life

What I carry has been with me a while

We've noticed a definite change

And all we do is discuss and worry

We don't want our jigsaw broken

If you're going to tell us, then please hurry

Tell you what? There's nothing to tell

I can't always be what your eyes want to see

That you care is enough, gives me comfort

When I can't find who I've got to be

You put on a show? Why do you never say

We want you to be who you really are

We don't love you for what we want

Whatever you do, you're always our star

You love what you think you see

You can't know what I never show!

I like it best this way, let me have something

That none of you will ever know

We just don't feel comfortable

We think there's something you're trying to hide

Something you're not happy with

That all is not right inside

It's not a big secret

My life hasn't got to be read

Sometimes you have to let me get on

I speak when there's something to be said

Why do you keep it from us?

Why does the honest one never let us in

We have done so much for your life

When you jumped, we taught you to swim

Because it will hurt you

Live a dream, you cannot know it all

I love and appreciate all you do

But you're just a fan, and I am Paul