A lone spirit,
Looking at the world through different eyes.
Not without friends,
But still lonely.
Entrusting her deepest secrets to only one person--
She doesn't feel she needs that shoulder to cry on--
That's what stuffed animals are for.
She doesn't want anyone to confide in--
She can only trust herself.
Shut off from the rest of the world,
She is still happy.
She knows her day will come
When she will fly up to the sky on translucent wings...
...For, she is a kindred spirit.
Love is new to her,
And even love
She doesn't fully trust.
Alone she smiles, alone she laughs, alone she thinks and fantasizes.
...Alone she weeps.
Nobody would guess at it--her secrets guard themselves well.
Nobody would guess at her true feelings and fears
...At her inner loneliness.

...But then you came along.
For, that lone spirit was me.
You are the friend
I thought only existed in storybooks.
You know the things about me
That not even my diary knows.
With you I share a circle--
Together we'll make a difference in the world.
I know it.
I just do.
I'll never forget you...
You have re-written my life
In golden ink.
I only hope
I can one day do the same...