Deep beneath the surface
Where the realm of mortals lie
Deep beneath the swirling blue
Deep beneath the crystal sky.
There is a different shade of crystal--
The velveteen darkness of the night
There is another world
So different from that of the earth and the light.
Only the Dreamers may visit there
Only the mermaids and Faes know the way
Don't try to follow there--
You will be beckoned to be gone on your way.
Your heart doesn't flame, your mind doesn't glow--
This isn't your place!
...But how would you know?
Return to your world
With those like yourself!
Return to your world
Of prejudice and stealth!
I can still see the veil shielding your eyes
From seeing the truth
The way it actually lies!
Please go now...
It's your kind you will destroy
This one last sacred place
Free of lies, free of ploys!
This last sacred place
Which the indigo waters surround
This place of the Mer-folk's
Holy, unearthly sound.
And as you leave...
Please be sure no one follows you here
To our place, to our palace
Beneath the waters so sheer.
Remember us only as a dream
We'll be in the back of your mind--
A slight little gleam...
Forget us
Or at least until that day
When in your mind
You will be called by a Fae.
If ever the veil is removed from your eyes
If ever your soul
Must leave this world full of lies.
If that day ever does come
(For, for many it does not) will be called
Not by a Fae,
But by me...
And welcomed to our castle under the sea...