In every beginning there is an end
A loss against we cannot defend
She smiled at the irony
Of the words

The book was closed
Placed upon the shelf
Of the library
Within herself
And a tear slid down her cheek
She was inadvertently aware
She was left alone atop a cliff
To fly where eagles dare

There she stood
Child of earth alone
Dreaming of the crowd
In a world of stone
Letting go of a past so vivid
A memory of living stain
And the shadows so real
Fade in cold November rain
So slowly she stepped
Into the abyss
And began to fall
Into nothingness

She walks through and closes the door
In every beginning there is an end
The road ahead is lining with mist
The water's course hidden by the bend
Her life is just beginning
So why does she feel dead?
She can not re-enter
The skin she has shed

The ultimate finality
Now she must go on