The only thing that keeps me going

It's the need of knowing

That someone out there cares

Besides my family

Besides the dog

Besides God

Knowing someone likes me for me

Friendship is the deepest bond

It goes on forever

Friendships somehow remain together

Running deeper than any ocean

When people learn to care

They can finally stop feeling alone

Their true colors shone

And can finally accept

The soul can be free

This is an accomplishment to be proud

Something you just want to express out loud

But sometimes you can't

When you're feeling depressed

When you're down in the dumps

And your throat's in lumps

And no one's by your side

What kind of friends do I have?

Where are they now?

It was their vow

To be with me always

They've deserted me

They've left me behind

It seems I've been blind

To think they were always there

I hear the sounds of footsteps approaching me

I'm waiting for them to descend the finishing blow

I can't go on, I must give up and that's all I wanted you to know

That I can't do it anymore

You said our friendship was forever

It was deep

But it now seems petty and cheap

Did you lie to me?

Have you kept me in the dark?

This whole time

Eluding me into this endless rhyme

Turns out I was delusional

You scared me

Now you're telling me it's for real

That we're the big deal

But I know it isn't true

I know you broke it

I know it isn't true blue

You're the one that broke the virtue

And I can no longer trust

I try and replace the puzzle

The one called TRUST

The one in my heart that's been collecting dust

I'm trying to forget

I've forgiven you

You can't change the past

It can't haunt me till the last

But we can try again