A little long but hey, that's poetry….

There must be more to the world around,

Than sight, touch, smell and sound,

Perhaps there is an arcane art,

That can connect the world to your heart.

Perhaps there is a lost form of music,

That inspires all who hear it.

Perhaps there is something like the ever fabled love,

Something in the pitiful image of a gliding white dove,

Yet I think not.

There is nothing more than pain and death in our slot.

Leave religion to those who have hope in their hearts,

Let them believe that somewhere else they have a head start,

But as for me,

There is no such thing as living for eternity.

We die and that is that,

We don't get recreated as some unearthly species of bat,

The end is the end,

And the less time you spend,

Futilely wishing there was something more,

Playing along to some religious war,

The more time you have to live,

The more time you have to give,

The better your sad life will be,

And then perhaps you might be preserved in people's memories.