A few observations that apply to the woman I am trying to get over and so in my "male" way apply to all women.

1 There is no such thing as a good woman.

2 They work completely differently mentally to men.

3 They manipulate as a hobby.

4 They are very materialistic.

5 They are very competitive over men.

6 Their "love" is one of money, image and themselves.

7 No matter what they say they only care for themselves.

8 They understand and exploit the basic weakness of men.

9 Once they gain a man it is nearly impossible for him to escape the mental prison they create for him.

10 They naturally look down contemptuously on men.

11 They feel a need to be something.

12 They aspire to be like the fallible idols they worship.

13 Beauty of the exterior and not of the interior is more important to them.

14 They only say "maybe" to stop their friends thinking they are heartless.

15 They are a cold calculating being.

16 Every one of them tries to put up a façade to cover up these basic points.

17 They have a conviction that men are a lower level of being to them.

18 Their only understanding of men is that of our weaknesses.

19 They can poison a man's mind against his life long friends.

20 Their fear of competition drives them to commit sin.

21 They try desperately to hide their lustful wants that overcome their core of heartlessness now and again.

22 Their pity is just a covert form of patronising.

23 They have no moral standing save that of society.

24 No matter what they say people's opinions matter to them.

25 They are a mixture of coldness, jealousy and ambition allied with a passion they cannot control.

26 At the end of the day they are just as base as men.

27 They tire quickly of their toys.

28 Their wants grow daily in what they can gain from their boy friend.

29 Allow them to carry on this façade for god help us all if they ever reveal the beast underneath.

30 Their weaknesses are their want to be something more than they are and their fear of having their façade torn to shreds.

Sorry if this upsets some women but if these points aren't true to you I really would like to meet you cause at the moment I need to have this mildly negative view of women dispersed of by meeting a truly nice one. Thx.                                  McD