will this ever stop
I'm just hopeing to wait this out
Over my shoulder, behind my back
Im just wondering if you feel the way I hope you do
Is that to hard
Or am i just a peice of the puzzle that doesnt fit

as i lay around all alone
Im just wondering if your thinking about me
or are those stupid words I said still on your mind
did you forget about them
is that the worst thing
listen up, listen down
traceing steps, fuck the rest
this isnt gonna have a happy ending
Its getting clo-ser to the end

I'll just waste another year
Leave it all up to chance
what the hell
am i thinking
hours, days, and lives lost
so persistant, not forgetful
Lord you have saved me through these troubled days
Its getting clo-ser to the end

now we're here
its so over
i could cry
but i wont
cause what would you think of me then
and when its over
and i have no way to make it up to you
then ill wonder what could have been
Its getting clo-ser to the end.