my heart's racing. i'm pacing,
don't know which way i'm facing
don't know where my life's taking me,
needs changing, but i know i can't face it
pale as casper,
i know she won't go if i ask her,
but what's to know if i don't,
what happens thereafter?
my choices are clear,
its my answer i fear,
is certain misery really a feeling worth living?
i'm the reason she's breathing,
but is it decent of me to be asking and pleading
for her wellbeing?
i wanna make her happy,
i thought that could be my futur, just laughing.
why does this have to happen?
why do all good things have bad accents?
its so much weight on my shoulders,
i'm no soldier, i can't hold her,
let alone keep going myself.
but what else would i do?
what's life without you?
i've tried finding my love my whole life,
now here you are,
and the one thing i want to hold close
is the one thing that just wants to let go.
if she died would i cry?
would i commit suicide?
how could i learn to mourn over the love of my life?
i can't grieve, i won't be able to live.
i'll never forgive this world
for making things this difficult.
fuck the planet and all the people!
my life's being ruined and its all your fault!