A/N: This story is yet again made up by me… came directly from my imagination. I was feeling very down for the past week (more like angry) but that's beside the point. I know I really shouldn't be writing a new story when I have so many uncompleted stories but I was suddenly inspired and I couldn't help myself. So here it is and hope you like it.



June skipped happily through the hallway smiling broadly at the piece of paper she clutched in her small hands. She stopped at the door marked 118 and practically bounced in pointing proudly at her accomplishment, "Mommy! Mommy! Look at what I did today I –" But June stopped as she took in the silence of the room and fear started to spread through her mind.

"Mommy?" She whispered uncertainly

"Mommy?" She said a little stronger as she began to worry.

"Mommy!" She screamed as waves of tears flooded down her cheeks.

"It's okay baby, I'm here… mommy's here." Came a weak whisper from a motionless lump on the bed. June cautiously approached the bed. A fresh wave of tears filled her eyes once again when she saw her mother's weak and pale features. She looked so tired… so fragile… so vulnerable…

"June, sweetie; don't cry… remember what mommy told you?"

"That crying is a weakness." June said in between her sobs.

"Yes sweetheart. You have to be strong, my little girl. Because mommy's going to be leaving you soon…"

"No! Mommy! Please don't go!"

"I'm sorry sweetie… mommy doesn't want to leave June either but it's… my time."

"No mommy! I still need you, please don't leave me!"

"Remember what I told you before June?"

"That all things must pass."

"That's right honey, that's why I'll be leaving soon… God has other plans for mommy."

"But mommy can't go yet! Mommy can't leave June alone! I'll tell god to not take mommy away! I still need you mommy, please don't go…!"

"Oh sweetie… mommy will never leave you… I'll always be here for you… watching over you…"

"Like an angel?"

"Yes sweetie… an angel."

"But I don't want an angel! I want mommy!" June pouted. She frowned as a soft chuckle escaped her mother's lips.

"Why don't you want an angel?"

"Because angels fly away and I want mommy to stay with me forever!"

"But mommy will be an angel that'll forever be by your side."


"I promise." Her mother replied, her voice a faint whisper. She slowly closed her eyes as she breathed the few last words… "I love you June… and that's forever…"

"Mommy?" June asked quietly as she softly shook her mother's arm, but there was no response. "Mommy?" She breathed with worry but again there was no response. "Mommy!" She screamed as she shook her mother again. "Please mommy… please don't go… please don't leave me alone…"

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