This is an index of facts from the story. Basically, a quick look-up for my convenience and yours. I hope that it will remain updated as the story progresses. It will most probably also contain info about places, people and things that haven't been written yet.

PLEASE NOTE: This is at the END for a reason. Contains story spoilers for anyone who hasn't read it through yet.


Border Scouts:

Mythic class

Atlantis Ray­ – destroyed

Chimera Dawn – scrap ship owned by Captain Ryi Crowell, Glory Base

Dragon Blaze - missing

Icarian Sunrise - missing

Phoenix Horizon –

Owner: Captain Ryi Crowell

                                Crew: Zakashi Kobishen, Gregory Sorren, Peter Howard


                                -Main Bridge

                                -CNC Room – Makin' tha deal

                                -Shipboard Cargo Hold B – Kobi & Ryi's discussion

                                -Passenger Cabins – Where Biaydi et al are staying

                                -Crew Galley – Where the crew eats, banana scene

                                -Lower Engine Compartment – Pete & Oirec's talk

-Pete & Kobi's Room – Card playing scene

-Ryi's Quarters – Ryi's introspection

-Medical Bay – Greg on the way to Kotayoni

Other Ships:

Graymalkin - Salvage tow, Glory Base

Monarchial Fiat - Trade/courier ship

-Owner: Captain Jude Harrow

Nova Star- Biaydi's original transport, arrested/impounded for drug running

Wandering Hart - Cargo hauler

-Owner: Captain Jesse Hart

CHARACTERS: (Human unless otherwise noted.)

Phoenix Crew:

                -Ryi Crowell - Captain

                -Gregory Sorren

                -Zakashi Kobishen (Talcion)

                -Peter Howard

Hyani Posse:

-Biaydi - leader

-Yaheni – 2IC




-Oirec (Kilarin) – technological researcher

Other Characters:

                -Chadwick – member of pirate gang, deceased

                -Unnamed Juran

                -Marc Crowell – Ryi's father, deceased

                -Pete's Family – mother, father, brothers

                -Unnamed Vryten & followers

                -Aari VanGere – Resident of the Lower Tunnels of Kotayoni

                -Aaron VanGere – Aari's brother, member of the civilian militia "Wraith Claw"










Uninhabited System 009723 – Fifth Planet – Where the story began, Chadwick's final resting place.

Inhabited System Jajuki – Draide Orbital – Biaydi & his posse's first appearance, Phoenix Horizon & crew's first appearance.

                -Sub-places: Landing Bay 04

Kalish – One of Phoenix Horizon's cargo stops, where they came from before arriving @ Draide Orbital.

Milar System – Pitror Station – One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

Trecen System – One of Biaydi & Posse's stops, picked up Nova Star

Rebyr Orbital – One of Biaydi & Posse's stops, picked up Oirec

Station Grewin - Biaydi & Posse's supplies

Planet Nryo - Biaydi & Posse's supplies

Inhabited System S89374 - Biaydi & Posse's supplies

Heredo - One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

Suche - One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

ITA353 - One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

Gobel - One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

Weiruf - One of Biaydi & Posse's stops

Inhabited System Zeruto - Icano Drift – "Murder"

                -Sub-places: Landing Bay 9, Commercial Section - Sayuki's Sushi Bar

Kevu Sector – Traveling Trader Colony 11B – Where Ryi found Pete

Inhabited System Kiaro IV – Planet 'Kotayoni' – Beinvant Spaceport –

                -Sub-places: Landing Pad 516, District 12 – 'Downtown', Tyuna's Tavern, District 14 – 'Industrial', Lower Tunnels – Section 206B, Section 206C, Section 205G, District 4A – 'Business'

Mioka – A planet visited by Ryi at some point in the past.

Uninhabited System Terra 6 - Glory Base –


RemCom – Remote Communicator. What the Phoenix crew uses to communicate over distances. Like an advanced cell phone.

Xicantel – Oooooo… mysterious! That's right, I'm not telling!