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She clutched her notebook closer and looked around. She had always started home when it was still slightly light outside. But she had been writing a really long entry and wouldn't leave until she had finished it. unfortunately that wasn't until it was quite dark. So now she was stuck walking home under the purple sky. She had a foreboding feeling and shuddered.

"That's what I get for living in a bad neighborhood." she muttered to herself, looking at the rundown houses around her. "They've got to get streetlights too." The stars were the only warm thing that night. They were clear and plentiful. She slowed to a stop for a moment to look up at them, then shook her head and started walking again. Every sound of the night was heard, like crickets and the wind rushing through bushes and treetops. Wait a second She thought, looking around, There's no wind tonight. She stopped and looked to her right where a cluster of shrubbery lay. It waved slowly like it always does when it has recently been touched. She backed up slightly and a shiver ran down her spine as the swaying slowed, then stopped. She let out a relieved sigh, Probably just a cat. she thought then continued walking. Suddenly a dark figure erupted from the darkness and leapt after her with amazing speed. Almost instinctively she took off. The figure was faster though, it grabbed her wrist and in a masculine voice said, "Gotcha!"

She turned and swung as him with her notebook, striking him on the side of the face. He immediately let her go. She stumbled backwards and tripped over the curb, landing hard on her hip. She ignored the pain and glared defiantly up at him. He was actually really good-looking, with jet black longish slightly spiky hair and shocking green eyes. He had narrow eyes that suggested he was at least part Asian, Japanese she guessed. His eyes widened as he looked at her.

"Oops, sorry." He said apologetically, "I uh. thought you were someone else." he muttered, holding out his hand to help her up and smiling slightly. She blinked up at him then scowled, ignoring his hand she stood on her own, wincing slightly at the momentary pain from her hip. His smile faded slightly as he looked at her. She blushed while he took in her long brown hair with that was pulled into a ponytail at the moment, her natural blonde highlights fell and framed her face, like they always did. He just managed to catch her hazel eyes before she looked away and muttered, "I've got to get going." Then turned to walk away.

"Wait!" he said, stepping up next to her. She looked anywhere but at him. "I'm sorry, I thought you were. one of my friends. We're-"

"I understand." She interrupted, "and I accept, but I really have to go."

He hesitated then kept up with her, "My name is Seth."

She didn't reply immediately but bit her lip then muttered, "Emily."

He smiled warmly, "Emily, that's a nice name."

She frowned, "You've probably heard it before, it's really common."

"Actually, I have, but never from anyone I knew. And even if I did, I still like it." He said stubbornly, but with good humor.

She stopped and turned to face him, "What exactly do you want?" she asked.

"Gee, are you always this warm when you meet new people?" he asked her in return.

"Well normally I don't meet people after they've attacked me!" She snapped in reply turning to look at him.

"Good point." He grinned. She had to look away, it was too hard to be mean to someone that was so cute and charming. Taking strength from this, he energetically took her arm and began leading her forward, "Come on! I'll walk you home!"

"Uh-" She started but was interrupted by someone barking, "Seth!"

Seth froze in his tracks, his face took on a scowl. Emily personally thought that she liked the smile better. Seth turned to face the shouter. A tall young man, that didn't appear to be much older than Seth. He looked a bit older than he was because of the scar the crossed his face and his cold black eyes. Blonde hair fell into his face. He wasn't ugly, on the contrary, he was quite appealing, but Emily got a bad feeling from him. His posture of crossed arms and wide stance, not to mention a muscular build, showed that he was always on the ready to fight. He spotted Emily and sneered, "What have we here?" he asked mockingly, "Seth, why don't you introduce us to the bitch?"

"Excuse me?" she spoke up before Seth could say anything, "I have a name and it certainly isn't bitch!" she snapped back, scowling darkly. Seth gave her arm a warning squeeze and she jerked it out of his grasp, shooting him a quick glare then turning back to the stranger, "Though you don't have the right to know my name because of your rudeness." she finished.

"Oh, well pardon me." He said, smirking to put a finishing touch on the sarcastic nature of the statement. "I shouldn't be so rude to young girls." He looked her over, but not in the modest way that Seth had, it looked more like he was undressing her. He raised his face and gazed at her to try and make her feel inferior. she admitted to herself it was working, but refused to show it. Suddenly Seth stepped in front of her.

"I found her Jake." He said firmly.

"Found?" she started, but Seth glanced back at her with a brief look of urgency. She bit her tongue and waited to see what would happen. More guys, a range of ages from fourteen through twenties appeared. She swallowed and stepped closer to Seth.

Jake seemed to hesitate then said gruffly, "Bring her here."

Seth nodded and glanced at her, taking her arm gently and leading her towards who she guessed was Jake. Jake took her roughly and pulled her in front of him. She scowled darker and looked away from him, into the darkened bushes. He growled and took her chin roughly still and forced her to look at him, but his expression wasn't one of anger, more of cruel amusement. "Still young." He said, and leaned down to her face, his minty breath washed over her face as he asked, "How old are you bitch?"

"Don't call me that." she snapped in reply.

"I don't have the honor of your name." He replied sarcastically, "What must I call you."

"Nothing vulgar!" she replied, trying to sound uninterested.

He laughed and pulled her against him. Seth made a sudden movement, but Jake motioned to him and he stopped. Jake turned back to her, "Girl, how old are you?"

She hesitated and he laughed again, "Must I teach you a lesson in obedience?" he squeezed her closer and she took the hint, answering quickly, "Fourteen."

"Well thank you!" He said, with the same amused voice then pushed her to Seth. Seth put a reassuring arm across her shoulders and she flinched slightly at the embrace, but moved closer to him nonetheless, knowing he was her only protection in this group of men.

"Still young and most likely innocent. Defiant as well, I like that in girls." He grinned barbarically at her, "But, Seth, you found her, you get first dibs. If she becomes too much for you. or if you just get fed up with her. I get her."

A feeling rushed over her, like a cold hand gripped her heart. She shivered and closed her eyes so she couldn't see the men. There was silence after a moment.

"Emily?" Asked Seth, concernedly.

She realized she had been holding her breath, then began to take in shuddering gasps of air. She had never been so frightened. She opened her eyes and jumped to see Seth stand in front of her, a concerned look on his face, both his hands on her shoulders, holding her up. A stringing feeling reached her eyes and she blinked a couple times. Seth looked uncertain of what to do or say.

"Do you want me to walk you home?" He asked.

She just stood and trembled for a minute before saying, "I need to. sit down." She swayed after she said this and Seth helped her to the curb.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Just a little. shook up." She replied, staring straight ahead and failing to even force a smile.

"I'm sorry. I seem to be getting you into a lot of trouble." he sighed, leaned forward onto his knees.

"Are you kidding? Even if you hadn't have found me, they would have. and without you there, who knows what would have happened?" She shuddered again then leaned to the side, against him. Mainly for the support but also for the feeling of safety he gave her. She sighs and closed her eyes.

"Don't fall asleep." He chastised lightly, smiling.

She blushes and stands, rubbing her eye, "Sorry." She smiles, letting her guard down momentarily. She realizes what she is doing then drops the friendliness to a slight scowl.

He stands next to her, and she realizes that he is about six inches taller than her 5'4 height. He looks down at her with a solemn look, "You know. whether we want to or not. we're gonna have to be friends."

She looks up at him and after a moment nodded, "I know." She replied, sighing slightly, "And you don't have to walk me home, I think I'll survive."

He blinked at her but didn't reply. However, when she started walking he kept up with her. They didn't exchange anymore conversation the entire way. She did say a quick good-bye before walking into her house and locking the door after her. She trudged upstairs and flopped onto her bed, kicking her shoes off. She stared at the blank ceiling then closed her eyes. Eventually she fell into a restless sleep.

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Tren: Thank you for reading, I want to thank Seth (yes he's a real person) and Ambur for being such great inspiration for this story. ^_^