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The hot sun beat down on Emily as she headed to Seth's house. He didn't live far from her, but at least a fifteen minutes walk. He was celebrating his seventeenth birthday and had invited her as well as a few of his friends. Emily had convinced her dad to let her go by telling him she was going to her girlfriend's* house and conveniently forgetting to tell him about the older brother knowing he would have panicked and not allowed her to go. It wasn't exactly a lie, Seth did have two younger sisters and one of them was the one that invited her over.

Over the past couple of weeks, Seth and Emily had been hanging out at and after school for a bit so things were much more relaxed between the two. When she walked into the gates that led into the housing complex that Seth lived in she could tell immediately that it was much nicer than the homes that she lived in. They must have a home owners association. She thought, looking around at the well groomed lawns and unscathed curbs. Emily glanced down at the piece of paper clutched in her hand that held directions to Seth's house. Looking around and taking a left she continued to admire the tall well taken care of houses around her while searching for his house number.

"One one oh six, one one oh eight, one one te-" She was cut off in her counting as someone called out her name. She glanced ahead to see Paul waving and calling out to her. She grinned and increased her walk to a trot then came up right to Paul.

"Hey! 'Bout time you got here!" he complained, grabbing her arm and tugging her in.

"Oh, you're such a brat. You see, unlike you, I had to walk!" she griped, attempting to wrench her arm out of his grasp before giving up and allowing him to drag her. He pulled her in through the entrance and right into the living room where she was greeted by a large assortment of people. Well, large to a loner such as Emily. She only recognized a couple people, such as Seth's younger sisters Mirai and Neko, to whom she waved a 'hello', and of course Seth himself. Much to her shock was someone else that looked identical to Seth if wasn't for the fact he was wearing clothes Seth wouldn't wear. Scattered on the couch and floor and chairs was another girl she didn't know and one other boy.

Paul dragged her over to Seth before letting her go and flopping himself into the group that was in the room.

"Right then, introductions!" Seth grinned, sensing Emily taking in the assortment of people around her. "You know Mirai and Neko," He motioned to his younger dark haired sisters who nodded, "This is Aubry," Nodded towards a brown haired boy that appeared the same age as Seth and Paul, "This is Sarah," He pointed to the blonde girl, "She's a friend of Mirai's and Neko's. And this is my brother Sydney, we call him Sid though. We're identical twins." He added with a shrug.

"As though I couldn't tell that." Emily blinked around.

"People, this is Emily."

"Er." She wasn't sure what to say. It was quiet for a second before Aubry spoke up.

"This place needs some music! Come on Seth, it's not like your parents are home!" the brown haired boy stated.

"Oh yeah! Mum and dad went to my aunt's house!" Seth leapt up, "Any protests to Papa Roach?" he asked looking around.

"Yes." Sid grumbled.

"Well that's just because you don't like rock. So. you don't count." Seth said, continuing to put in the CD.

"Rock is crap, put in some rap!" Sid shouted.

"Stop trying to rhyme Sid, you suck." Seth called over his shoulder as he pushed play then went and plopped back into the overstuffed armchair he was on before.

"Cut my life into pieces. This is my last resort!"

"This is an old one Seth." Mirai piped up, looking over at her older brother.

"And oldie, but a goodie!" Paul grinned.

"That's what people say to defend crap." Sid grumbled back.

"It's still boring!" Neko called out.

Emily was still standing, unsure of what to do. Seth glanced up at her and smiled saying so only she could hear, "Relax, they'll like you, go ahead and sit."

She smiled back briefly then sat on the arm of his chair, to shy to really leave one of the few people that she knew. Unfortunately, the next second she was torn from the one thing she was trying to hold on to.

"Hey, this place needs snacks. Emily, you wanna come with me to get some?" Mirai asked, looking pointedly at her. "Neko, you come too."

"Uh, um, sure." Emily shrugged then stood again and started following the girls to the kitchen.

"I'll go too." Sarah said standing.

"Ah, women naturally taking their place in society again, the kitchen!" Paul sighed.

"On second thought, I think I'll stay back and beat the shit out of Paul." Sarah said glaring at the blue eyed boy flopped on the floor.

"Joking, I was joking, go on now!" He crawled away from Sarah and hid behind the furniture amidst laughter from the others.

"Just come on Sarah, that's just another man taking his place in society, you know, hiding." Neko said, tugging briefly on Sarah's arm before turning again and going into the kitchen. Emily suppressed her laughter. Once the kitchen door was closed Sarah went on to find food in the cupboards while Mirai and Neko rounded on Emily.

"So you like Seth right?" Mirai asked with a small grin playing on her lips.

"What?" Asked Emily, taken aback.

"You like Seth right? You're always hanging out with him at school!" Neko said.

"We're just friends!" Emily defended herself but couldn't hide the small blush creeping into her cheeks.

"Right." Mirai said with raised eyebrows.

Emily kept her gaze down while she helped the others get snacks.


Sid and Aubry rounded on Seth the moment the Kitchen door closed.

"You like her don't you!" Sid said, not even trying to hide the curiosity that laced his voice.

Seth blinked at his twin while Aubry persisted, "So she's that one girl right?"

Seth nodded to Aubry, "Yeah. She's not bad though." He said, smiling.

"Aw, why hide it Seth?" Paul said, crawling out of hiding and sitting on the couch, twiddling his thumbs as he watched them. "Let's face it, you're crazy about her."

Seth turned his face blank again, "I'm not sure she likes me that way though."

"What's not to be sure about?" The three other boys asked at the same time. Seth blinked at them again.

"Was this set up or something?" He asked with a chuckle.

The other three didn't answer but that might have been because the girls came back in carrying food. "Food!" Paul cried out and launched at Mirai.

"Back man beast, back!" She cried out, holding the bowl away from him and kicking at him playfully while he tried to get to the food.


Once Paul had been fended off they set the snacks onto the coffee table allowing Paul to properly attack the poor defenseless chips. While no one was looking Mirai, Neko and Sarah exchanged a look.

"What do you guys want to do?" Mirai asked, leaning back onto the couch, chewing on a baby carrot.

"I dunno." Sarah shrugged, pushing Paul's hand away long enough to grab a handful of chips.

"Let's play. Truth or Dare!" Neko suggested with a shrug.

"Yeah!" Mirai agreed heartily.

"No harm can come from it right?" Sarah looked around eagerly.

Everyone else stared at them for a moment before someone else spoke up, "Any limits?" Aubry asked.

"Only that siblings can't do anything naughty to each other." Mirai said and made a face along with her sister.

"Oh come on! Why would you even think that? Urgh!" Sid gagged.

"From knowing Paul, we have to think of everything." Mirai shrugged.

"I'm not that sick." Paul blinked innocently.

"Yes you are." Seth commented, "Remember that one time when you tried to make me kiss Sid? And then I said I wouldn't so you said too-"

"Right, that's enough, we don't need to hear." Aubry said amidst Paul's laughter.

"Shall we?" Sarah asked.

There was scattered voices of agreement, some more hesitant than others, such as Emily's. This just can't turn out very well. She thought, looking around.

"I'll start!" Mirai said with a grin, "First, the newcomer! Emily, Truth or Dare?" it sounded more like a challenge than anything.

"Truth." Emily said with only a slight pause.

". What do you think of Seth?" Mirai asked, the grin still lingering on her face. The room went oddly silent and everyone watched her, anticipating her answer, except for Seth who kept his eyes trained on the arm of his chair.

"Uh, well. He's nice. and." She paused, biting her lower lip and avoiding eye contact, "He's fun." She shrugged, "And, yeah, he's cute." She stared at the ceiling. Surprisingly enough she didn't hear anyone giggling, instead when she looked down most of them were grinning. Seth was blushing though, and she could feel the heat rise in her cheeks. Emily then deliberately avoided eye contact with him.

"You're turn then." Paul prompted grinning.

"You then, Paul, you seem awfully eager." Emily said, the blush disappearing as she raised her eyebrows at him.

"Right, I should have seen that one coming. I'll pick dare then." He smiled.

"Do a strip tease!" Neko shouted with a laugh.

"Aw.. Again?!" Paul asked with a fake groan.

"Let's not!" Sid shouted.

"How about we just switch to seven minutes in heaven?" Sarah asked, "and yes, we will take precautions to ensure that siblings don't get stuck together." She said, rolling her eyes at the panic stricken looks of the dark haired family.

"If the other choice is seeing Paul do a strip tease, I agree to that one!" Sid said while the other boys nodded in agreement.

"You all are just jealous of my sexy body!" Paul said, wiggling his eyebrows and striking a pose. Several people shaded their eyes jokingly. "Mean!" he grumbled.


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