-The Darkness-

My heart has been locked,
Away the key's thrown.
It's colder than ice,
It's harder than stone.

I'm living alone
In my spiraling world,
Watch as it plummets,
How quickly it hurls.

It's tumbling downward,
Deep into darkness.
Into a land of,
Bareness and starkness.

Here I inhabit,
Here I will stay.
Here I will rot and,
Here I'll decay.

This land that I speak of,
In which I now dwell.
It's deep in my brain in,
The cold depths of hell.

No light shines before me
To guide me away.
No guardian angel
To help he who strayed.

And so I am trapped here
And destined to rot
I would rather have never loved
For it is love I have lost

But wait, over yonder
What light shines ahead?
A glimmer of hope
Now shines in my head.

This light I will follow,
Along a new path.
That leads out of darkness,
What joy that love hath!