What if the children never leave the cradle,
and never find themselves able
to act on their own, performing great feats
or fail and end up begging, on their knees?

What if instead of standing and fighting,
they cringe at the very mention of lightning,
and fear the slightest pain in any form,
and cowardice becomes the norm?

What if unchanging stability
becomes the wish of society;
and inspiration yeilds no reward,
save, from companions, a fearful regard?

What if oddity goes to nil
and the average man is ill
at the thought of life outlandish
and normality becomes his only wish?

What if it is already too late,
and we've already reserved a fate
without the greatest part of life,
no change, no thought, no strife?

What if you can find your own path,
though you may risk God's wrath,
and make your way through the world
with head held high, and banner unfurled?

What if instead of apathy and boredom
the world can follow the example of freedom
and seek amongst its peoples redemption
for the crime of thought's suspension?

What if you decide what the path shall be?
Will you take the life of security?
or do you pick the road less traveled,
and search for mysteries to be unraveled?