Turning over my wrist
As I start to write
A perminant marker
Should do it right

A few lines here
A C-U-T there
Carefully adding
The H-E-R-E

Putting the cap on
A smile which pleases me
As I put the pen up
I catch a few glances

My smile broadens
With a happy gesture
Cause what they are about to see
Will make them shiver

I pick up my sissors
Carefully opening them
Taking the end of one side
And running it over my lines

I start to bleed
As if no one cares
Till the stupid bitch
Screams with mercy

I look up
Smiling happily
As I set the sissors down
With much pleasure

People stare with shocked eyes
As my smile gets happier and happier
Now they won't have to care
I'm leaving forever

I fall to the floor
Smiling an evil smile
Dropplets of my blood
Land on the floor

I didn't cut that deep
I didn't hit a vessel
Why am I dying like this?
So fast, so hard

People hover over me
Like a damn rally
Why are they doing this?
They don't care!

I realize it's not the preps
But my friends
The ones who did care
And loved me

Amanda, Niki, Melissa
Danielle, and Felicia too
My best friends who cared
Will now be without one