Save the President Chapter 1 By Beckie

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Mark works as a police officer by day and security guard by night, and that's why he thought he was qualified enough to apply to be one of the president's bodyguards. Earth had finally voted in one president and needed to ensure he was safe. A few days had past since Mark had applied, when he received an e-mail confirming he had got the job, so he and his wife Jade went out to celebrate, leaving their son Sam and his best friend Ruby at home.

Sam and Ruby have been friends for as long as they can remember, and often got into trouble for being a bit too inquisitive. They were playing on the computer when there was a knock at the door. Sam opened it to find the president's messenger with a parcel for his dad. This was something they could not resist, they carefully ripped open the extra-large parcel to find lots of boxes full of bodyguard gear. They had only been able to open a box full of ammunition when there was another knock at the door.

But this time there wasn't anyone to greet them, there was just a single letter left on their doormat, with nothing on the front. Sam thought this was a little strange so opened it.

The letter was in scrawled writing and looked like a riddle, it read: The mother and father birds are always trying to care for the baby bird, but the coo-coo can always deceive them by feeding the baby poison worms while they are out. Meet the eagle at its nest before sunrise, for the early bird will collect the worms.

Ruby, who is quite a smart 14 year old, concluded that this was a metaphor, and decided they should find out what it means by going on to After what felt eternity, the site had processed their metaphor. It was very complicated, but Ruby concluded that it meant that Sam's dad was working in a group who wanted to assassinate the president, and the only reason he applied for the job was to get close to him!


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