Chapter 7 By Casey

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Back at the cafe... "So? what are we going to do now? We don't have Flitch, we don't have any solid evidence and we don't even know if your dad is a good guy or a bad guy!" Said Ruby angrily.

"Well, it could be worse, like if a bunch of big, hairy ,smelly guys could come in and take us to some secret lair where they plot to torture us."

At that moment a gang of big, hairy, smelly guys burst into the room by knocking the door off its hinges (which was totally unnecessary seeing as the door wasn't locked).

"Have any of you seen 2 kids, one called Ruby and the other named Sam?" Said one of the men."They're about yay tall" He continued while signalling with his hands. Sam and Ruby saw their chance and began to sneak out the window.

"Someone's gonna have to tell me or I'll blow all of your heads off" Said another man. At that moment the men pulled out bazookas and aimed for the crowd. Everyone pointed at the 2 children who had just jumped out the window. Unfortunately the building was a 5 story one. As the pair were plummeting to their death a blurred shadow shot from underneath them and put them onto the ground safely. "What was that?" asked Sam. "Never mind, hey, look, its your dad's car! Let's follow him." whispered Ruby.

So off they went. The car was going surprisingly slow... as if the people in the car wanted to be followed. Ruby was beginning to get rather suspicious. The car finally stopped outside a place that looked slightly like a tip. Sam's dad got out of the car and walked towards a really tall man. as the pair moved closer to the adults they began to hear their voices.

"I don't know what's wrong with it but its something bad. Could you fix it? I really need it for tonight. Very important business." Said Sam's dad.

"Oh no!"said Ruby, "they're going to assassinate the president tonight! We have to stop them!" Ruby exclaimed. with that she jumped out from behind the pile of garbage they were hiding behind and screamed "STOOOOOOOP!"

"Kids! what are you doing here?" Sam's dad said.

"We know how you're gonna assassinate the president tonight and you need Flitch fixed!" Said Sam. Sam's dad burst out laughing.

" I came here because the CAR is broken!! I was taking your mother out for dinner tonight! It's our anniversary!!!!!"

"So it's not you that the notes were for?" Said Sam. "That means they must have been for..."

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