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Four Years Later

I sat in a small cafe in a small town in North Carolina that was nestled in the midst if the Smokey Mountains. Sipping my coffee, I was reading the local paper in which national headlines were positioned next articles about country fairs and civil war re-enactments. I had only arrived in this town a week ago, Jack having recommended it to me after I had finally cleared myself of the whole Ivan business. For three years, I had immersed myself right into the heart of one of the branches of the Russian mafia; a year ago, I had walked away with enough knowledge to paralyze all of Ivan's 'business' dealings and to implicate him and several others of numerous charges including rape, extortion and murder.

After handing everything over to the authorities and following everything through, I had decided to 'get lost' for the nth time in my life; after all, when all was said and done, I was sure that there are still some people out there that would be more than willing to end my life if they stumbled across me. So here I was, taking the advice I had once given to someone else. I had dyed my hair blonde, was wearing my glasses and was sitting in some small city where the most happening place was the local Wal-Mart.

The town wasn't small enough where everyone knew everyone else but close enough. They smelled fresh blood around here better than sharks, and the locals all wanted to talk to me...as if I were some interesting exotic creature or something. Even worst, all of the single men -- and some of the not so single men -- even remotely in my age range wanted to take me out to dinner or coffee or perhaps call me sometime...blech. I swear I am going to knock out the next backwater, boy next door asshole that hits on me.

When Jack had suggested that I get out of Los Angeles for awhile and just get lost, I didn't hesitate. I let Jack make all of the arrangements, wanting just to find some peace with myself. I had spent three years being the person that I wanted to leave behind. The cold-hearted bitch that could sleep with anyone and do anything to get the information she wanted. I spent three years on my back in Ivan's bed, being his bodyguard, 'helping' him make decisions. All the while, I was secretly making copies of documents and recording meetings, biding my time until I would have enough information to bring Ivan and his flunkies to their knees.

I don't know why I stayed on as long as I did. After I had ensured that Ivan thought I was loyal to him and delivered Kale to Jack, I could have left at any time. Nothing was really keeping me there; but I stayed. If I hadn't of gotten the information that I had, who would have? Ivan could smell a cop a mile away, and it wasn't likely that one would be sent after him anyway. Unless the U.S. pressured them to do something about them, the Russian crime rings operated pretty much without interference; the Russian government had too many other problems to worry too much about the mafia.

Besides, Ivan was good. It was unlikely that even the police could have brought him down if they wanted to; he was too smart for that, too resourceful. Luckily for me, Ivan had one weakness: me. Apparently, he had lusted after me ever since he had met me years previously when I was still with the CIA. Not only was I the last piece of the puzzle that could help him rise among the Russian crime families, I would satisfy some of his more primal urges as well. The opportunity that the whole Kale situation presented was too much for him to pass up.

Sighing, I turned back the paper, scanning some of the headlines, hoping that reading about other people's pain would distract me from some of my own. When I had turned over the things I had on Ivan to the authorities, I was put under close inspection. My every action of the three prior years was examined, and more than once, I was threatened with a lengthy jail sentence. While my CIA training and life experience told me that I had done nothing wrong, other people did not see it the same way. They saw me as someone who had fully participated in the mafia for three years, doing all of the things that entailed. Luckily, I was able to convince Russia and the other countries involved that it would be useless to prosecute me as I had the ability to escape without a trace, making them lose my valuable testimony.

But still, they caused doubts to plague my mind. Had I really done the right thing? Or was I just as bad as Ivan? It had taken me years to get over similar doubts after my time serving my country, and at thirty-two, I wasn't sure if I was flexible enough to handle it anymore.

This moral ambiguity wasn't the only thing that haunted me though. At many times over the last four years, I had found myself thinking about Kale more than was probably healthy. I knew that Jack was keeping him safe, as he and the others went on to come out with another CD (which did not do very well, partly because they did not tour to support it) and Kale himself had written a few songs for various movie soundtracks (which had still done relatively well). Besides that I knew nothing else about what had happened to him; Jack didn't volunteer any information, and I didn't ask for any.

If Kale and I were truly meant to be together, then somehow the two of us would find our way back to one another.

I set aside the paper with a sigh. No use trying to focus on it when thoughts of other things kept entering my mind. Instead, I turned my attention to the people passing on the street outside. The town had been essentially a small vacation spot since its founding, though in recent years corporations that you found everywhere had started to move in like McDonald's and Wal-Mart. However, people still clung to the older part of the city which stretched a few blocks along the main road and a little off to the sides. As a result, if you sat somewhere along the main strip as I was at the moment, you could probably see everyone who lived in the town in a day or so.

Suddenly, someone caught my eye. I focused on a man who was emerging from the book store which was across the street from the cafe. Unable to see the man's face, I studied the way that he moved; there was definitely something familiar about him. Draining my cup of coffee, I grabbed my things and threw a twenty down on the table to cover my bill.

I had to find out who that person was.

Employing all of the skills that I had picked up over the years, I followed the man down the street a few yards behind him. When he ducked into the only place where you could ret videos in town, I waited outside for a few moments before entering the store. Normally, I would have not tried to confront someone in such an enclosed area, but I didn't get any vibes from the guy that would have made me put my guards up. He moved with grace but that of someone who is comfortable in their own skin, not someone who knows how the body is a machine...a killing machine.

Browsing the aisles, I was surprised when I reached the back of the store when someone grabbed me from behind. "Who are you, and why are you following me?" a familiar voice hissed in my ear.

In one swift move, I had the man on his back on the ground. "I..." I began, looking down at him. Recognition ripped through my brain. Kale. His hair color was darker, his eyes brown and his dress more conservative and preppy, but the lines of his face were the same if a bit harsher with age.

Fuck! I had wondered why Jack had seemed so amused when I had agreed to his suggestion of this town. He had sent Kale here.

"Well, this isn't Nowhere, Alabama," I mused, "but it's close enough. Glad you took my advice eventually."

"Nola?" he asked as I helped him get up, surprise evident on his face.

"The one and only," I answered, "though I don't go by that these days. I don't suppose there is a Kale around here either."

He laughed and shook his head. "Hi. I'm John. It's nice to meet you. You are?"

"Kate. And the pleasure is all mine."


After that day in the video store, John and I spent a lot of time together. Mostly we just talked, discovering each other for the first time without outside pressures. I learned what it was like to be a normal person again as he constantly taught me about the simple things in life. He has said that I am his inspiration as he has consistently written well reviewed scores for movies and even received a few Oscar nominations.

Gradually, we fell in love...the very reason we were brought together by fate in the first place. Last winter, I moved into the small cabin that he shared with his two dogs, and though there were a few adjustments on both of our parts, we lived in relative harmony. Some days we would hardly say a word to one another, just content to be in each other's presence. As far as I am concerned, there is nothing better than going to bed in his arms each night and waking up in them in the morning.

A few of the people in town frowned upon our relationship. One, I stole the most eligible bachelor in town; two, we weren't married. The old shopkeeper that runs the book store always asked me when there are going to be wedding bells, and I always answered with the same phrase, "When he asks, and I say yes."

But I think I like things just the way they are now.


The end.

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