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Do you remember so long ago,

The day we met, my love?

I knew you were special right away,

An angel from above.

I never said how much I cared,

How much you mean to me.

I should have told you long ago,

And I hope, my love, you see.

Why is it that I can't say

What my heart knows is true?

The words take shape inside my mouth,

But I can't seem to tell you.

I knew you were special

From that very first day.

I saw something no one else could.

And I hope you'll forgive me now, my love,

For not saying the things that I should.

It breaks my heart to see you there

So oblivious, not knowing how much I care.

I never told you, but I hope you know

That my love is there, though sometimes not shown.

Why is it that I can't say

What my heart knows is true?

The words take shape inside my mouth,

But I can't seem to tell you.

Why is it that I can't say

What my heart knows is true?

It took so long to figure out

The simplest thing: I love you.

The words Jon sings brings tears to my eyes, but as his deep brown eyes stare into my own, look into my heart, I can't help the wide grin that washes across my face as the song ends and deafening applause fills the room.

Jon beings to smile also, but I know that it's directed at me. Not the dozens of screaming girls in the audience (Jon's seemingly developed a fan club), not Brian or Suzanne, who are standing by my side cheering along with the rest of the group. That smile – the one that for so long had disappeared from Jon's being – is back tonight and directed only at me.

Finally, most of the crowd begins to dwindle away, the couples return to their dancing, and the club resumes the upbeat, almost trashy atmosphere it held before the New Youths took the stage.

Grinning, Jon walks over to me, guitar case in hand, and kisses me sweetly on the lips before asking, "Well, what'd you think?"

I can't help the bubble of laughter that escapes my lips. "Jon, you know I love your music!"

"I know," he whispers, leaning in closer and encircling his lean arms around my waist. "But what did you think of the song?"

"I loved it," I answer honestly, swaying in time to the music as Jon holds me close to him. I pull away only to pose the question that has been playing in my mind for the past ten minutes.

"When did you write that?"

I know that it couldn't have been any time recent. Because in the last few months, Jon's done nothing but tell me how much he cares and how much he loves me. I think he's trying to make up for all the time lost during those two years we drifted apart. When his anorexia was the only relationship he was capable of maintaining.

Even in the dim light of the club I can see Jon blush as he lowers his eyes to the ground and stares at our feet.

"Last year. Before I knew how to tell you I loved you."

I smile and shake my head at him playfully. He can never pass up the chance to say those three words.

The past few months have felt like a dream, and at times I've almost been scared to go to sleep at night. Too scared that maybe it was a dream, afraid that all the perfection and happiness and love were just another fantasy, and that when I awoke Jon and I would be no more than friends. Roommates, sharing the love of brothers and nothing more.

But night after night I fall asleep tucked safely in Jon's warm arms, and each morning I awake to find him smiling down at me. His first words, "I love you."


I turn my head in the direction of the voice and see Ben, one of Jon's band mates and former friend, running over to us.

"Hey, Rob! Long time no see, man," he breathes right in my face and I turn my head away from the distinct smell of strong alcohol. Frowning, Ben turns away from me and focuses his full attention on Jon once again. "Listen, the guys are all coming back to my place for a little party. What do you say? For old times sake?" he slurs, casually slipping a small bag of white powder into Jon's open palm.

"Uh… No thanks."

Jon quickly sidesteps him, awkwardly returning the heroin to Ben as he raises an eyebrow and gives me a look that says, 'You know I wouldn't."

But the toothy grin he wears can't mask the hint of disappointment on his face and I sigh, knowing how much Jon misses hanging out with the band.

"It's okay. I have to get going anyway, I have a meeting with Mr. Perry tomorrow."

Jon nods and smiles at me gratefully.

"Thanks, Rob," he says, handing me the guitar case he had been carrying. "Bring that back for me?"

I nod and then start to walk away, but as a second thought I turn around and grab Jon's arm.

"Make sure to eat dinner, okay?"

Jon sighs and rolls his eyes, but smiles. "I will."

And I smile back because I believe him.

Jon POV:

Rob and I stand there awkwardly for a few seconds, both of us looking around the dimly lit club, avoiding the other's eyes. I glance over my shoulder at Ben, who is watching us with unfocused eyes, and think, screw it, before leaning in to kiss Rob on the lips. My lover is far more important than my reputation or the opinion of Ben, someone I don't even care about.

I can almost sense Rob's smile as he pulls away and picks up the guitar case at his feet.

"I'll see you tonight?"

I nod. "Yeah, I won't be out too late."

When Rob walks away I turn around, almost fearing Ben's reaction. So far the only people who know about me and Rob's relationship are Brian and a select few of our closest friends. And Ben certainly does not fall under that category.

True, we used to be close in the old days of partying, and when our group first got together, but shortly after my rehab and HIV diagnosis, I realized that Ben was no more than a party buddy. Someone to get easy smack from, someone to shoot up with.

And from the looks of it, Ben doesn't look too clear-minded right now, so chances are he'll forget entirely about the kiss come morning. But still…  He is gawking at me, one eyebrow raised, a mixed expression of shock and amusement on his face.

"What?" I demand, turning on my heals and stalking away, Ben following close behind.

"Jon Levine," I hear him mutter, an almost pleasured lilt to his voice. "Gay. Who would've thought?"

I sigh, already regretting my decision to spend the night with him and the rest of the band.

"Yeah. Listen, don't tell anyone all right? It's still sort of new so…" I let my voice trail off, praying, at the same time knowing that prayers will do me no good, that he'll keep his mouth shut.

"Sure, sure," he gushes and I stop dead in my tracks, knowing from his tone that my secret might as well be printed in the New York Times. "If you do me one favor…"

Sighing, I turn around and stare right into my friend's dilated, bloodshot eyes. "What?"

His response throws me into shocked silence. As his lips cover my own, his tongue exploring the interior of my mouth, I have to fight the urge to vomit. I want to pull away, want to crush this guy into the sidewalk, but I can do nothing…nothing except stand there in shock and horror and disgust as Ben continues his assault on my mouth.

Finally I recover from my initial surprise and I gather the strength to shove Ben away from me, hard.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" I spit, shoving him again as I take a few steps back.

Ben simply smiles at me – an ominous, almost sinister grin – and grabs my arm, yanking me out the backdoor of the club before I have a chance to protest.

"Come on…"