I do not own "Amazing Grace" I just like the first verse, so I put it into a poem.

Upon the branch sits this bird, amazing grace

Singing endlessly of how no person is alone, how sweet, the sound

This thought sustained me for some time, that saved, a wretch

But then I realized, I really am alone. Completely alone, like me

I feel so strange in this world, I once was lost

And I go on this was, although many people greet me, but now, am found

I wanted to be so different, was blind

So unique that people would not only know my name, but who I am, but now I see

Upon the branch sits this bird, amazing grace

But now it sings of sorrow and that no one will ever truly have someone, how sweet, the sound

And though this saddens some, I find it so reassuring, that saved, a wretch

Yet, knowing that they're all akin to me makes me so uncomfortable in my skin, like me

I look now for a place where I can be away from all of the ruins that was my life, I once was lost...

Yes, I know there are MANY more verses, but this first one has my devotion and attention. It seems to fit so well with this, or so I think. I'd love your opinion though...I think you can take the hint, PLEASE review! It's my first poem written in this style.