I was finally inspired by something visual..for once. What can I say? Although it didn't seem to do me any good...


They set the scene -
oil drops swooning on the pavement of the gods,
wallowing in the same idolatry
that tore Persephone away from Olympus.

The moon sits majestic
as if a heart in the silent kingdom,
displacing distant planets with each obliging breath.
And the dewdrop halo -
always the loyal pericardium.

November brings this disease,
and the velvet night infects.
Aestival sickness forgotten,
midnight anathema unbound.

Cracked as a tearstained face
when caught off-guard,
she still rejoices:
at the sight of her broken,
scarred face in the mirror.
Happy when hidden,
she wastes the universe,
throwing its secrets to the hungry night.

Her victims drop in triple time -
with each beat of the nocturne.

But nothing lasts.

It will be her time to go
when Aurora dims the stars
and wakes the audience.

She'll leave no trace.

Oh yeah. Very doomy and quasi/neo-Gothic. I might as well have put gargoyles in it...and cathedrals, vampires, libertine wenches...whatever. I, uh, hoped you liked it...and please review!