A/N : So no one will be confused , the conversation with some people were changed into English to better understanding.

The Wolves Hunter

On the highway that leads towards Rasnov stronghold , Transilvania , Romania , a lonely bus passes by.

Cerber is restless tonight.He keeps walking and turning so many times in his cage.She doesen't like it that Cerber and Cronos are both kept in cages...the bus rules....

Night fell about one hour ago, trough the window she sees the snow falling down and her own reflection mirrored.Short hair tied up in a small poneytail,her eyebrows are frowned, eyes search the woods as they pass by it.
The destination was close as the bus entered deep into the highway trough the wood,with only few cars passing from time to time and dissapearing again , and the Moon was once again their light.

It 's clear tonight , you can see every single constelation in the sky , no clouds cover it.It's going to be a long night.She pulled the warm jacket and pulled the bag on her back and went towards the back of the bus.There , Cerber scratched the cage, and barked once.Everyone in the bus looked back in fear, along with the driver.She didn't blinked.
The cages were huge and dark , no one saw the animals inside ,and the bars were also big and rough.

The snow kept falling harder as she reached for the spiked collars.The spikes were huge , dirty and overused.Along with theme she checked for the leash , each 4 cm. coarse fibre.People turned their back on her again , when she looked back at theme.She was not a pretty sight, eyes darkened by almost blue bags.
She dosen't like to have people stare at her , less in this kind of circumstances!

But she felt that tonight was the night.Tonight she couldn't fail anymore, everything was like made for her , he was tired, more tired than she was , that she knew.Besides, Cerber and Cronos were both restless , a sign that she was close.
She got both cages in her hands and she tired to pass trough the seats without causing collateral damage to the passengers or the cages, she barely dragged theme.People backed up , it was enough the low violent barking they heard earlier.Most of theme were sondering what sort of animals was she carrying in there.
She got to the driver , and , at a point , she turned to the driver.

" Uh...I have to get down here."

The driver looked at her.

" What ? Here ? Now ?"

"Yes.I paid for this ride , I'll get down wherever I want to."

"Whatever." He stopped the comments he wanted to make about abuse in service by a customer and pulled the bus on a side.

She walked down , the cold wind and the snow stinging her face.
The bus didn't waited for long , and headed on the highway to follow its lead.God it's so cold!
As soon as no light was seen she put the cages down and looked for the key inside her pocket.

"Okay sweethearts , I know you didn't liked to be kept like that for such a long time, but you're rested now.Tonight is our night..."

She opened the cages.
Out of theme stepped two black Dog Germans . She grinned. The dogs didn't moved ,they just started at their master and smelled the air.She put the spiked collars around their necks and the leashes.
Out of the backpack she got a Desert Eagle and stuffed it in her pants along with the chrome spiked knuckles.Polished to the bone , both of theme.
She covered the cages and with snow and watched the woods.The enormous dogs waited for her signal to start walking.

Nothing moved , everything was silent, only the wind blew trough the pinetrees, singing a morbid song with their leaves.
She took a deep breath.She could feel his smell in the air.