A/N : Again , all the data are real.

Dana's Journal Extract , page 67.

That darn wolf ! It's been so much since I haven't written here so here goes .

I've followed the damned thing from Brasov where he first attacked now.When he felt my presence he ran off all the way to Bran , but he didn't attacked there, instead made a HUGE turn and followed Timis River and suddenly stopped in Rasnov for a while.
I looked for him and his traces trough the stronghold and its sorroundings for about one day.

One night I read in a newspaper about an attack , they believed it was a bear ( go figure ! ) but I knew it was him. What really surprised me was that he attacked in....Giurgiu ! Made me want to scream my lungs out ! In only 1 day he managed , let me remind you , ON FOOT , to travel 'till there . I didn't stayed in Rasnov for long , took the bus and , in 6 or 7 hours I was in Giurgiu . Then came 2 weeks of contineous running like a moron after him .

So , from Giurgiu he started to run along with the Danube until it reached Serbia.I almost catched him in Belgrad , somewhere near a bar , but he was too fast for me , even for Cerber and Cronos. Imagine ! I let theme go and they ran after him for a while , I lost theme myself , until I heard theme bark like mad in a dead end.When I got there , he was gone.

So , there ! I lost him again for another 2 weeks ! Then I thought I lost him for good until he got back in Bucharest. A week after , he attacked again.So here I am , on the train because I almost got in Jail for speeding in town.Until next time.