Title: The Experiment
Author: Anonymous Shadow
Disclaimer: I don't own Marvin The Martian, he's a Looney Toon. As for the characters they're all original, so you can't use them.
Rating: R for sex
Summery: so I'm not good at summaries....I just wanted to have fun writing this
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*The Experiment*

Part 1- Convincing Jason

I want a threesome. Jason jerked his head up from the papers he had been reading to look up at Saraina. She had walked into his office unannounced, closed and locked the door quickly behind her, and then proceeded to blurt out the threesome statement out of nowhere.

Saraina grinned at Jason's confused expression. She walked behind his desk and turned his chair around so that he was facing her. I want to have a threesome. She pulled her skirt up to just above the middle of her thighs where he noticed her black lace garters. Straddling his lap, she ground herself against his fly. She arched her back, pressing her heat harder against him. She wanted him, she needed him now. She leaned forward and whispered I'm not wearing any underwear in his ear.

Jason moaned and ground even harder against her. Saraina reached for the button and zipper of his pants. He grabbed her hands, stopping them from going any farther. Stop trying to distract me. We're not having one.

Are you sure? Saraina grinned wickedly and leaned forward. She slid her tongue across his bottom lip as she pressed her own against his entire mouth. Jason opened the inlet into the wet recess of his mouth, and slid his own tongue against Saraina'.

She began unbuttoning the front of her black blouse all the while not ending the kiss, As the last button was released from it's hole, Saraina leaned back making the shirt open completely revealing Jason's favorite bra that Saraina owned. It was a black half cup made entirely of lace and satin. The straps were thin, and the hook was in front in the valley between her breasts.

So can we have one tonight? Saraina asked while she leaned forward and rubbed her breasts against Jason's chest. He grabbed her ass and pushed her harder against himself. Saraina moaned in unison with him.

he gasped as she moved against him you want. He said before capturing her mouth once again with his own. Saraina practically ripped the buttons off of his shirt as she pulled it apart. Creaking the kiss, she leaned down and flicked her tongue over his nipple. Jason's breath let out on a hiss. She gently bit the flesh of his chest as she finished unzipping his pants.

Saraina gently squeezed the bulge in his pants, and Jason swore. His aroused member was becoming more and more painful. She stood up and got off of his lap. Where the hell do you think you're going? The sentence cam out as a growl from Jason's mouth.

Closing the blinds. With a little tug on the chord, they were closed. She grinned wickedly and walked to where Jason had stood up next to his desk she pulled her shirt off of her shoulders so that it pooled around her feet.

He quickly closed the distance between them and slid his tongue across her collarbone making her shudder with desire. Jason reached up and unclasped her bra, pushed it off of her, and let it fall to the ground. Her breasts bounced back into place as they were freed from the confines.

Ducking his head, he captured one of her hardened nipples with his mouth. Saraina held his head against her breast, afraid he would let go as he sucked harder. She arched her back, trying to bring his mouth closer, trying to make Jason go on so she could find her release.

Oh god, Jason! Saraina could barely speak Jason moved his head over to the other breast and committed the same sweet torture to that side.

Saraina gently pushed him down on the floor so that he was laying on his back. after he had finished tormenting her rosy buds. She followed him down and sucked on his chest, biting gently and making him gasp for breath.

My Yuy. There's a very important phone call for you on line one. Jason's secretary's voice interrupted her torment of his chest through the intercom in the phone.

He swore and painfully got up to walk to his desk. His pants were hanging loosely on his thin hips as he walked to answer the phone, revealing his Marvin The Martian boxers. Jason slumped down angrily in his chair.

he practically barked into the phone. Hearing one of his leading customers on the other end made his voice instantly sound more friendly.

Saraina was pouting on the floor until she got a wicked idea. She stood up and walked so that she was directly in front of Jason, and reached her hands behind her to the zipper of her skirt. She let it fall to the floor, and seeing her clad only in a garter belt, stockings, and high heeled shoes made the bulge at the fly of Jason's pants double painfully in size. He could see the triangle of curls that covered her most private part, and could smell her arousal. He had to bite down hard on his lips to prevent the moan from escaping.

Once he regained control, Jason placed his hand over the phone. Stop it, he growled before returning to his conversation. Saraina sat down on her knees between his legs. She freed his throbbing manhood from the imprisonment of his boxers. She leaned forward and slid her tongue along the length of his member making him gasp.

Sorry, I-I hit my elbow on my desk, he apologized into the phone. She grinned wickedly as he glowered down at her, and brought his full length into the wet encasing of her mouth.

She didn't move up and down it, yet. She just sucked harder on the tip, and Jason's eyes rolled back in passion and his free hand held her head trying to bring more of himself inside of her mouth.

C-can I call you back? Something's come up. Before waiting for a reply, Jason hung up the phone, and his other hand joined the first, entwined in Saraina' hair.

She twirled her tongue around the tip of his member, and dipped her tongue in the slit on the end. She slid up and down the throbbing member until she sensed that he was going to release if she went on any longer. She released all of him causing a sound of protest to escape from Jason's lips.

Get off the phone sooner next time. She smiled saucily before standing up. Jason grabbed her hips and pulled her forward, bringing her womanhood right in front of his warm wet mouth.

Saraina gasped in surprise, before she moaned, feeling his hot breath brush her opening. She tangled her hands in his hair, and thrust her hips forward, trying to bring his mouth into her wetness, seeking release.

He slid his tongue down her slit before darting his tongue into her aroused womanhood once, punishing her. She wanted to scream in frustration. She could barely speak, he breathing was labored. She tried pushing his head closer again but to no avail. She thought that she would die.

He finally thrust his tongue inside and sucked hard, biting gently on her swollen jewel. He nibbled on the flesh, and thrust his tongue in and out, mimicking the action his member would soon take in the same place. Her orgasm rocked through her, and she muffled a scream in her hand, not wanting his secretary to hear her.

Setting her back on her feet, Jason slid up her body as he stood up. If you don't get inside me right now, I'm going to rape you, Saraina breathlessly said near his ear as her tongue snaked out and gently lapped his lobe.

She shoved his pants and boxers over his hips and down his legs until they fell to the floor. Saraina wound her arms around his neck and leaned up, thrusting her tongue into Jason's mouth. Reaching behind her, he unclasped her garter belt. He leaned down and and was about to pull the stockings off when she stopped him. Leave them.

Jason obliged her, but before he could stand up again, she pushed him down on his back again. Straddling his hips, she pressed his manhood into her warm wetness. He moaned and grabbed her hips. Placing her hands on his chest she rocked her hips, purring as the sensations intensified. Jason couldn't handle the slow pace she had set. Saraina grinned down at him as she realized what he was going to do.

He flipped her onto her back, with out pulling himself out of her womanhood. He thrust into her, deeper than he had been in before. Saraina made yearning noises as she threw her head back and met Jason thrust for thrust. He captured her mouth before he screamed out as their orgasms hit them simutaniously.

He reversed their positions again so that she could lay down on his chest without his having to leave her warmth. She raised her head only slightly to look at him. Can I invite anybody that I want?

Mmm...I don't care. He was about to pass out. She kissed him again before standing up and getting dressed. He leaned up on his elbows and looked up at her. Do you have to go?

You have to get back to work, and I have to find someone to join in on our fun.

To be continued...