Chapter One

Meet the Camp!

Once, there was a girl names Angela.  She was fifteen.  She had dark hair and eyes.  She could be quite evil at times too.  Anyway, Angela, who sometimes went by Betty Boboshninka, Havannah Boboshninka's sister, was going to summer camp.  She usually went to Golden Lake Camp, but this year she was doing someone different, I mean, did I say that? She was doing something different.  She was going to "Hawaiian Chieftains, Buccaneers, Sailors and Explorers Summer Camp." 

          Now, the name is completely misleading, I wonder what the directors of the camp were smoking when they thought that up.  The name has nothing to do with the camp for some retarded reason.  Anyway, back to Angela.  She was soooooo excited to go to this camp (Why? I do not know).  She had her bags packed and candy ready to be smuggled.   She had two days before the camp started, which flew by.

          Before she knew it, Angela was packed in the car and off to camp.  The car radio was on and her favourite song was being played.

          "Hey Liam!  It's rainin' men! Hey Liam!" She sang it for a very long time before her parents go fed up and said.

          "Angela! If you don't shut it, we're gonna stuff you in the trunk and turn this car around.  You don't need to go to Hawaiian Chieftains, Buccaneers, Sailors and Explorers Camp!"

          Immediately, Angela stuck her tongue out at her parents and sung (more like screamed) the song at the top of her lungs.  This landed her in the trunk, but her parents felt a little guilty so they did take her to camp.  Soon, they were pulling into the small parking lot of H.C.B.S.E.C.  (Now that's a long abbreviation).

          Angela's parents go out of the car and opened the trunk.  Angela was passed out inside, due to lack of air.  She they pulled her out and dragged her to the Rec hall.  Out of nowhere, a lizard stuck in a tumbleweed, tumbled by.  This woke her from the semi-coma, and she sat and laughed at the lizard while her parents dragged her into the Rec hall.  They got situated at a table and watched as the councillors filed onto the stage, followed by the directors.

          "Welcome Campers to H.C.B.S.E.C.  I am the camp director, Malone!" Said a particularly happy guy, in a thick Scottish accent.  But that wasn't the peculiar thing about him, no, no, no, no, nooo!  He was, for some reason, wearing an astronaut suit without the helmet.   "This is Fairy Boy," Malone pointed to a guy who was wearing a green t-shirt with H.C.B.S.E.C. on it and khaki short-shorts.  He had long blonde hair and, oh no, pointy ears.  Many people clapped.

          "Oh Man!" Angela screamed across the Rec hall.  "It's Legolas!"

          "Right, thanks young lady," Malone said as he gave Angel a well-you're-retarded look.  "This is Savage Garden." A lot of people perked at hearing this, but when they realized it was a gay looking guy with pink hair they turned their attentions back to Malone without even a clap. 

          "Ha-ha!" Angela laughed at Savage Garden.  "You suck!"

          "This is Bag Lady and her cat Muffy," Malone Pointed to a chick who was scary beyond all reason and had a cat that was meowing like it was dying in a bag

          "Quiddit, mama's trying to be a counsellor," Bag Lady screamed at the bag.  Immediately the cat shut up.  At this, Angela fell off her seat, killing herself laughing.

          "This is Leaf thong," Malone pointed to a guy who had man-liking pants, long brown hair, cowboy boots, a purple and he had a leaf thong over his man-liking pants. Some people clapped lethargically.

          "You look familiar," Angela called to the Leaf thong.

          So this continued, as Malone named some thirty nameless counsellors.  People clapped for them. 

          "As you know, this group of fifteen year olds will be the first group to be co-ed!" Malone announced happily.  You could tell he was the one to annoy; he would be hilarious if he freaked out.  Some parents looked around a bit doubtful.  "Do not worry parents! Put your optimism hats on because these guys are awesome and you're kids will be safe and happy with us!  Now it is off to the cabins where you will meet your cabin mates and your counsellors for the next eight weeks!  Thank you parents for bringing your kids here, please leave all luggages on the dais!  Be sure to say good bye!"

*        *         *

          After, Angela had happily said 'So long, suckers' to her parents she made her way to cabin 9.  It was a far bit down the field, but she was glad she didn't have to carry her luggage there.  She opened the creaky door to find that her bunk mates were already there.

          "Gia!!!!" She screamed as she spotted one of her best friends putting her sleeping bag on a top bunk.  The dark haired girl spun around.

          "Angie!!" Gia screamed.  They turned around to find another girl standing in the door, who had blonde hair.

          "Danni!" Gia screamed.

          "Gia!" The girl apparently named Danni screamed.

          "D!" Angie screamed.

          "Angie!" Danni screamed.

          "How come you guys are here?" Angela asked her two best friends.

          "Cuz we didn't want you to be alone at H.C.B.S.E.C!" Gia laughed.

          "Yeah!" Danni agreed.

          "Thanks, guys!" Angie said happily.

          They began to make the room all girly, completely oblivious to the fact that they would be sharing a cabin with guys. 

Meanwhile, two guys sat in the corner.  Had watched the whole ordeal of screaming names.  They had introduced themselves earlier.  They were waiting for the sixth guy to show up.  Suddenly, the three girls they had been watching turned to get something when they spotted the two. 

"Hi! I'm," Angela began.

"Angie, we know," said the boy with faded blonde hair. 

"Then who are you?" Angie asked.

"English. Matthew English," the boy with faded blonde hair said with pride.

"Oooh.  Double o-7 thing goin' on there," Gia laughed.

"Who's your friend?" Danni asked.

"Mitch Thibideau," said the other boy with dark hair and glasses.

"Oh!  I'm callin ya Nibbles!" Angela said laughing hysterically at her own wit.  The other two girls laughed and the boys looked like they were retarded.  "Where's the other kid we're living with?"

"Dunno," Danni said looking around.

"I'm right here," said a boy with light brown hair standing in the doorway.  "Elijah Wood's the name."

          "No way it can't be!" Danni laughed.  "Ha! It is!"

          "Who are our counsellors?" Gia asked.

          "I am," said Savage Garden as he waltzed into the room from the counsellor's room.

          "I am too," said Fairy Boy he nanced into the cabin from the counsellor's room, with a flushed face.  All six of the cabin mates shuddered.

          "I hope we don't have to listen to them all night," Angie said to Gia and Danni, who snorted.

          "Hopefully thy have the decency to go somewhere else!" Elijah shuddered again.

*        *         *

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