By:Andrew Troy Keller

This is a tale so tragic
About the evil magic
Of the sorcerer known as Corro.
It is also a tale of a hero
Who was able to defeat such magic.

The hero was a barbarian
Known as Shobor,the Cimmerian.
After he had defeated a War-Chieftan,
He had returned to be with his woman.

But after he had discovered that
She was stolen by a giant serpent,
He had vowed that he will taste
It's blood within due haste.

And so,he rode,unannounced and unknown,
To the citadel of Corro the unknown.

After he had entered the citadel,
He had discovered a scene out of Hell--
His woman tied to a stake
And being victimized by a snake
Which was a size of a giant.
After he had slayed the serpent
With his sword,he had released
His woman.

And when he had turned around,
He had discovered that--on the ground--
Was not the snake.
The serpent was really a fake,
For it was supposed to
Be one of Corro's
Many forms.However,
The evil may be destroyed forever,
Because the Cimmerian
Known as Shobor,the Barbarian
Had slayed the one known
As Corro the unknown--
The one man
Who dared to steal a woman
Away from the Cimmerian.

And after punishing
Corro for stealing
His woman away
From him,they may
Soon become King
And Queen of all
Who answer his call
To battle against
The most vilest
Of enemies--including
Corro,the former Demon King.