The Unmovable Fan
No matter how long I stare
at the fan
it will not move
it just sits there
impervious to my
focused, penetrating gaze
it refuses to budge
despite my best efforts
with the use of my lungs
its shadow, its blades
its dangling puller thingy
the fish that hangs on the hook
all are motionless
in the dead stillness of the air
dead, dead, dead
staring at me with no eyes
the longer I stare
the more it seems to twitch
ever so slightly
but I close my eyes
and the fan has not moved
a different perspective
lying on the floor
no better, no worse
adamant fan
I yawn
it stares me down
invisible wires
run through the walls
and connect the fan
to the lightswitch
stubborn lightswitch
so far away
flipped down instead of up
hopeless, unyielding
defeated by a plastic switch
the fan, I feel its cruel smile
it bears down upon me
from the ceiling
silent, motionless
dead and evil
spiting me horribly
my willpower is diminished
I remain inanimate on the couch
beyond sleep
at the fan
invidious fan
beguiling me
with unrelenting nonmotion
insidious fan
staring into my soul
without eyes
scorning my existence
mocking my idleness
jeering, always jeering
while still it does not move
always, always
the unmovable fan

TMK 11.23/24.02