I am over her at last,

She fades away to just be part of the past,

Her smiles affect me no more,

They bind me no longer in some mystic law,

My mind is free from the burning chains,

My heart no longer cries out in pain.

My soul is set like an eagle to soar above,

My spirit is free from your impure love,

I can look in the mirror again and smile,

I am not on a constantly biased mental trial,

I can look out of the window and see light,

I can open my eyes and breathe the air without a fight,

Talking with friends is easy again,

I can lift and let flow the joy through the pen.

Where life is now thy sting,

I care not for love's sombre lament that others sing,

The world is full of colour and life,

I can not feel any underlying strife,

The power of evil and pain,

Is finally washed away,

The river of anguish flows out of my mind,

And in the silt left sparkles oh hope I find,

The only thing left behind is the streambed,

Which I will turn into mountains in my head.