Show me the path to open my heart,

To take down the walls and battlements that once stopped me from falling apart,

The enemy has retreated vanquished in battle,

My final card was played and her forces fell,

But somehow the victory is hollow,

Somehow the drink tastes to bitter to swallow,

The cost was far too high,

But did I not have to try,

I couldn't be besieged for the rest of my life,

My mind left rooted in torture and strife,

The day was won,

I stopped her from playing with my soul for fun,

Yet the wine holds no delight,

My forces regroup as if there was yet another fight,

Thinking she will once more regroup and another attack start,

Without my walls to protect me my world would be torn apart.

Am I to be forever imprisoned by myself,

Not allowing from fear even the most innocent of hope,

Am I to guard myself night and die,

For if I do in a strange way,

She will ultimately steal the cup from my hands and drink deep,

Whilst I lay useless in restless sleep,

For if I tear down the walls I am vulnerable to attack,

Her forces would muster in revenge and strike so deep I could not stop that,

But if I leave them up somehow she has won,

For the damage and scars she has inflicted on me would never be undone.