We are all completely lies,
None of us knows why.
We pretend and say we are real,
It's all part of the deal.

We say we don't enjoy what we do,
Though that's far from the truth.
We love every single second,
There's no need to be beckoned.

All of us hide behind the lies,
Blue is always the color of the skies.
Because everyone else think it's wrong,
We believe the chances for it to be real is gone.

We pretend that none of it is right,
Though we look forward to it with eyes so bright,
We can't ever go and tell the truth,
No one will ever believe the proof.

We all enjoy the things we do,
Forbidden desires are the things we brew.
Society has nothing to do with what we want,
Though on our desires society does daunt.

We can't say we like what we do,
Because it'll cause us to be blue.
Our friends will leave us alone,
No one to talk to on the phone.

The rules are too tight,
Only certain things are right.
What we want never is,
I take it as a personal diss.

What we do we have to keep to ourselves,
The things that are in the forbidden parts of the shelves,
We never want to stop our sins,
A rabbit in a lion's den.

We keep the secrets from prying eyes,
If we lose, a part of us dies,
A deadly game of hide and seek,
Only the clever outlive the meek.

I don't care if it's right or wrong,
I'll carry through it before my days are gone.
Society can't tell me what to do,
Only by doing will I have grew.

Never hate the ones who dare,
They are the ones who truly have no care.
What we want is what is right,
That's the truth, no need to fight.

I'll do what I want,
I'll create my own font.
Go to hell if you don't think it's cool,
Your opinions I am so through.

I'll enjoy what I do,
Whether it's sex or the morning dew,
I'll be more true than the rest of you,
Ones who live by the cue.