This is a poem that I wrote in French. It translates to "I like candy, it is good and sweet, I go to the store, and then venders sell it. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, all sorts of kinds, if I didn't have any, then I would die. All the kinds, and the types, Oh no! It's all gone. Back to the store I will go." I know, it sounds bad in English, but read it in French and you'll see that it's better. J'ai les bon-bons,
Ils sont bons et doux,
Je marche au magasin,
Et les vendeuses ont vendue.
Chocolat, vanille, fraise,
Gouts des toutes sortes,
Si je n'en pas
Puis, je serais morte.
Tous les sortes,
Tous les genres,
Oh la la, il sont all├ęs,
Au magasin, je vais me rendre!