This poem was one I wrote during the ten minute journal writes in English class; it doesn't really have any special meaning to me. I reminded me of some kind of poem I read...but...I forget. That must be old age (15) catching up with me. :)

Boys, shaking heads to release the
Caked in snow, laughter still echoing in
Cold, red, stiff ears. One bird sings
Out, into the crystal air. One shrill
Note is all it takes for another
To start. Now a duet, trio, quartet,
And many more, filling the air with
Their melody. One boy, looking upon
The snow, soft as sheep's wool,
Looking like sheep's wool, takes a
Chance, a chance we all should take,
And leaps like the magical frog.
One after another the boys leap,
Flying like airplanes, soaring like eagles.
Their sweaters, rough and full of bristles,
Collide in the snow as they are rolling,
Rolling down the hill,
Scattering like lemmings when the dark hawk comes.
They get up, whitewashed and gleeful,
To run back up the hill,
To do it again.
A bird- that bird twittered into the crystal air.