Okay, I like to explain a little bit about each poem that I wrote, and why I wrote it, so here is it. The reason for this poem is simple: my friend Abbey wanted me to write it, so I did. Read on! :)

The warm fire flickers, crackling in your face,
Singing campfire somgs out in a strange place.
Hooting owls and growling bears and animals galore,
Dad's sleeping in the tent, man, does he snore!
Mom's snuggled deep down inside her sleeping bag,
My brother's sleeping sitting up, his head's staring to sag,
Sister's eating marshmallows, eyes starting to glaze,
But my friend and I just sit there and she turns to me and says,
"Have you ever heard the story of the great forest Boogle Loo?'
"No," I reply and sit down. "Please do tell, do!"
"Well he's huge and bacl and hairy, and full of biting fleas,
But he has no hair on his legs below his massive knees.
When he smiles he teeth are so big theyblock out the light of the moon,
Yeah, he's a monster that I don't want to meet anytime soon?"
I lauhged and told her that was the stupidest thing I had heard,
"There's no monster out there that is like that, that's absurd!"
"But there is," she insisted and then grabbed on to me,
"Come on, I'll take you to his lair, then you'll believe, you'll see!"
So we went crashing through the woods in the dead of night,
Deep within the forest where there was no sound, no light.
We soon came upon a cave that Eileen pointed out,
"There it is but please whatever you do, don't shout!"
Out of nowhere I heard an owl shriek and let out a cry,
Eileen cowered against me and sobbed, "Now we're going to die!"
A monster, huge and black and strong bumbled out of it's cave,
Grabbed my shoulders, growled in my face, like somthing out of a grave.
I screamed bloody murder, shattering the night,
"Eileen, get it off me!" I shouted at the sight.
All the sudden she did something as I beat it with my staff,
She bent over, covering her mouth, and then started to laugh.
"What the hell?" I said, confused, at her lack of apathy.
"Why are you laughing? Stop it, and get it off of me!"
The a strange specticle happened before my very eyes,
Lily's brother Andrew came out of the monster; a disguise!
"Huh?" I said confused, looking between the two of them,
A small fragile tear streaming down my face like a gem,
"Oh Izzy, we're sorry," Eileen said. "But we had to do it,
Andrew and I wanted to see if we could acutally go through with it!"
"You didn't believe her," Andrew added. "And now look at the state you're in,
It goes to show you should always believe me and my twin."
So the three of us went back to the campfire burning low,
Warming deep inside of it's rusty, red burnt glow.
Andrew took my hand and kissed my cheek and told me not to cry,
"I'm sorry Izzy, truly, I mean it, no lie!"
I sighed and stared at him and my heart melted at the sight,
Of his sad, kindly face and I told him it was all right.
He smiled and whispered in my ears the words I hoped he say.
"Izzy, I'll always love you, every minute, everyday."
That day will rest in my mind for all the rest of time,
with moonlight glows and summer throes and night time air sublime.
With the one you love sitting by you, arm around your waste,
And your best friend smiling, it's times like these I wish weren't haste.