By:Andrew Troy Keller

Back in the year 1977,I had gone to see my first James Bond movie,'The Spy Who Loved Me' with a few of my Ohio State University buddies.
After we had paid our admission and sat down in our seats,the movie had started.
So far,we were only watching one hell of a motion picture.
But that was until one particular scene,in which Major Anya Amasova,who was being played by Barbara Bach
and mister 007 himself had escaped from Stromberg's sinking sea lair.
Suddenly,I had began picturing myself in the role of James Bond in that scene with her.
Then,I had heard myself say,"In my country,Major,a condemned man is granted a final request."
"Granted.",said a steely-eyed Anya.
"Let's get out of these wet things.",I've said,before I had started taking off my clothes.
And then,after I had stripped down to my underwear,Anya had let out a half-smile,licked her lips and said,"Yes,Mr. Bond.Let's do so."
Indeed,I was already in the nude,when Anya had started removing her own clothing.
After she had gotten all her clothes off,Anya and I had pressed our nude bodies against each other and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.
Just then,what we had expeirenced was more than just mere sex.
It was pure erotica--and we were enjoying it.
Of course,even though it had happened in the world of fantasy,I'm glad to say that I had my first sexual experience with Barbara Bach,my favorite Bond Girl.