This poem I wrote because I was thinking of my ol' buddy Stanley there (hey, Stan!) and she was playing those Nsync songs and they were driving me bugshit! Ahhh! She drove me to writing another poem, for God's sake! LoL. well, here it is! The people staring, laughing,
Pointing as you are carried off
By the white men.
They know not what they do,
Only what you do.
They lock you away,
Screaming your horrific song
At the top of your voice.
Soup is served,
Medicines are poured,
The monotonous life continues on.
The walls seem inviting,
With their padding as soft as down.
But really it is only to
Stifle you, and your voice.
Some days you think,
'What am I doing here,
In this place full of cries?
I am not like this,'
But you really are.
But when you think about it,
Everyone is a little