This poem was one I was insipred to write by a certain asshole kid that I know...who SHALL remain nameless (KYLE, and not the one from South Park!) but he said some pretty mean things about my mother, and that pisses me off. So, this is about what I think of him.

There is a boy with no light,
Nothing to bring out the good.
The light has escaped him,
His soul is dark.
Dark as the hell fire below,
Dark as the raven cawing death.
His heart has shrunk to
The size of a coal.
Hard as coal,
Black as coal.
Beady, mistrustful eyes,
He can't trust himself so he
Trusts no one.
He lives to hurt people,
Me, particularly,
With his sharp words and
Acid tongue.
Words flow coldly from
Parted lips, lips that
Were once so warm.
He goes by other names,
Legion, Beelzebub,
But I know him by another,
The evil that inhabits us all,