Dream Eaters

This is one of my few rhyming poems (I've been writing more rhyming ones lately, I seem to go through spurts of rhyming ingenious, LoL) that I wrote most essentially because I was bored and I didn't feel like doing homework. :)

The lights are turned out,
You're snuggled in bed.
When you close your eyes,
Creatures prance through your head.
The Woogly-Boggles, the Trentlock Nifs,
Baggily Boos and the great Hairy Biffs.
Creatures that wiggle and cry and shout,
With big sharp teeth and eyes that bug out.
Snorloxes and Rainboxes and creatures a new,
Here comes one named Snoop Groppel Loo.
The reach with their hands so scary and rough,
Rubbing your cheek with skin oh so tough.
You scream in your sleep, you snap wide-awake,
Only then do you realize that they were all fake.
After one long pent up sigh of relief,
You curl up in a ball and go back to sleep.
And this time the dreams are happy and gay,
But who knows if the monsters will go or stay?