There was only one reason for me to write this poem, and it was dear best buddy Stanley. I don't know what the hell possessed me to write a poem about THAT (LoL) but I did, and it's about what I think about her and I and our six-almost-seven-year friendship! :) Cheers, Stan! I love you! ~*~Kenny

There is no better feeling in the world,
To know that someone is always there for you,
To know that you have a best friend.
The person in question for me is kind,
With curly black hair,
With dazzling blue eyes,
That she fervently insists have flecks of yellow.
She has the whitest skin I have ever seen,
Except for mine of course, we both
Look like porcelain dolls.
People don't understand how we can get along so well
But as the old saying goes:
Opposites attract.
Sometimes she can be a bitch, wait,
She's a bitch all the time, but not really.
She's there for me, and,
I'm there for her.
What more could you ask for from
A friend.