This is a poem that goes with one of the stories that I am eventually going to post on this page (I hope) called Ganglies, which, as you can tell, is also the title of the poem. Ganglies are theses little dragon things that I made up, and maybe someday I could scan inthe picture I drew of what they look like! :)

They come for you in the night,
Stealing you away in breathless
Rushes, so fast that you are
They stare upon you
Some feeling
Compassion, the others
They drop in their land of flames,
Which is like hell,
But isn't.
The Lord of the ganglies
Stares with his eyes as
Black as coal, and as
Hard as coal.
He screams your name,
An angry, petulant cry
Over the sobs of others.
Children brought there to
Be tortured,
Or die, whichever he wanted.
If you answer, he
Throws you in a
Screaming rage to the
Nearest ganglie, who
Takes you to the castle.
Not only kids blood was
Shed their, but
Ganglie blood,
Royal blood,
Over the throne in
A jealous rage.
Your futile efforts to
Stop the beast are maddening
But to no avail;
The ganglies always win.