I've had requests for more poems. Let me know if you guys like this! :)
You hurt me once
And I got over it
I didn't think you'd do it again
I figured, "No way
He won't do it again."
But I was wrong
You've hurt me twice
And now I wish that
I'd had this advice:
Burn me once,
Shame on you;
Burn me twice,
Shame on me
I could have avoided this stupid mess
and gotten on with my life
My new life without you in it
You hurt me once
And I got over it
If I'd only learned my lesson,
Known you'd do it again
A lot of heartache would have been saved
I wouldn't have as many scars as I do now
You hurt me once
(Burn me once, shame on you)
But I let you do it again
(Burn me twice, shame on me)