Battle of the Minds

By Pessimistic Poet

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Her fingers made a bracelet around his wrist, and she led him away, out of her sleeping area into the sunlight once more.

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When they had made it safely to the tree she had first went to, she dropped his wrist, and started down the long flight of stairs once more, not seeming to notice his look of awe as he studied everything around them.

Finally, they made it to the small panel ouside the inner door, and her delicate fingers input a rapid series of numbers automatically. He watched her, clearly fascinated with the way she was so nonchalant about it, not seeming to worry about where the information came from, just accepting it as it did.

Once the inner door had opened, she slipped off her trenchcoat, smiling a little at his alarmed gasp as he realized how much weaponry she was carrying. She moved over to the control panel then, and started to work with it, her delicate hands trying to coax out the information she needed.

The little hologram snapped on again, this time in the form of a little girl. She looked up at their backs since they were turned away from her, then she cleared her throat purposely, making them look back.

Vibi's blue eyes narrowed a little, but she didn't say anything, her vocal chords protesting the exercise she'd been putting them through. However, the dreamer beside her spoke the question lingering in both of their minds. "Who are you?"

The little girl tilted her head then, looking up into Vibi's eyes. "You have awoken. That's good." She didn't seem to notice the young man beside her. "Why did you not awaken with the others? Was something wrong with your sleeping chamber, Valanorina?"

The saviour girl hesitated, not sure exactly what the hologram meant. Then she managed a slight shrug.

"You remembered your weaponry here, Valanorina. Why did you not speak with me as you should have when you first came in?"

A soft sigh passed between the young woman's lips, and she looked down and shrugged again. Truth be told, she hadn't seen the hologram girl, other wise she might have spoken with her.

"Who are you?" The 'girl' looked up at the young man beside Vibi. Her eyes rested on his raven wing hair streaked with white snow. ".. You are full blood?"

He nodded. "Yes." There was a moment of silence. Then he sighed, "My name is Drake."

The hologram nodded. "You were only a child when this began," she murmured. "I remember because your father was the one who created me to serve Vibi."

The young woman looked between the two of them, and sighed a little. She wanted to speak, but she couldn't. Her vocal chords were still clamoring a little too loudly for that. She made a face.

Instantly, the hologram girl gasped. "Oh! You haven't been in the enhancer yet! It'll make you feel better. It resets your body to the way it was five hundred years ago.. you know. Without the aging your beginning to show." She smiled a little, then nodded to a new door that had appeared. "Remove all of your weaponry and clothing, and step in there. It'll fill up with liquid, so don't try to breathe. Just sleep."

Vibi Valanorina looked at Drake, the dreamer man, pointedly. He chuckled, closed his eyes, and turned around. Once she was satisfied he wasn't peeking, she did as the little hologram told her, leaving her clothing and weaponry on the table nearby. Her eyes seemed to cose on their own accord, and she idly wondered what it was with her race and sleeping. But then she was gone, deep into a slumber as the chamber began to fill.

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