Hi! I just found this poem that I wrote, like, two years ago when I was fifteen! Didn't even know it exist until now! *sheepish grin* I hope ya like!

He Doesn't notice me anymore

By: UWhiteTiggress (I'm not givin' out my real name! :-P)

Every time I looked at him

Shivers run down my spine

But I have to leave it be

'Cause I know he'll never be mine

The time that we had together

Was like a trip in the heavens

I wish it could last forever

I'll do anything just to see my love smile

But he'll never love me

Or never see me as anything more then a friend

I wish that he could love me, hold me, kiss me...

But it's time that I must face the fact

That he'll never do any of those things with me

He has someone else

Some one more beautiful than me

More lovely

More fun than I'll ever be

With those nice, stunning dresses

Cheeks as red as the roses he gives her

Eyes as blue as the ocean by the beach

Hair as shinny as the sun in the sky

Now it seems as if he doesn't noticed me anymore

We were the best of friends

Until she walked in on his life

He doesn't have time for me anymore

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