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On a small blue planet, there was a deep dark jungle. Actually, there was a lot dark, deep jungles on that planet. It was a very small planet, nothing really special about it. On this planet, there were humanoid bipedal creatures. These creatures were called Homo Sapiens, but they didn't know that. The Gods, on the other hand, did. The Gods made them. On this particular planet, out in the particularly comfortable spot two planets away from the sun, in an arm from a galaxy named the Milky Way, due to its milk-splashiness-look, on a particular Universe, there was a secret. A big secret. A secret that was not completely known about by even 0.00003 percent of the planet. This secret was just waiting to be discovered. It was one boy's destiny. One boy's Quest.

Med-joi, the powerful God of the Third Under Realm, was in Immortal Combat against Aik-snui: a peaceful God that looked almost like a stegosaurus, except it had flowers on it's back, a flat, broad tail, and a dull rhinoceroses-like horn on it's head.

As the battle raged on, four-winged asahki (uh-sah-kee) birds flew away. The One God, Mai-poh, watched over the battle. The Med-joi used its massive spiked fist to backhand the Aik-snui, but the Aik-snui used it's broad tail to block the attack. Med-joi butted the Aik-snui, and it flew backwards and hit a giant palloont tree. Skewez beetles fell out of the trunk and scrambled to burrow in again. The Aik-snui got up and charged at the Med-joi. The Med-joi was caught off-guard, and was butted into a Fjoge (Fee-Oh-Gee) mound. The Fjoges came out and crawled all over the Med-joi, angrily. The Med-joi let out a scream of defeat, and shimmered out of existence to another place or time. The Aik-snui looked over at the Fjoges trying to rebuild their mound. Aik-snui raised an eight-fingered hand and a glowing white ball shot out towards the Fjoge nest. The glaring fiery ball hit the nest, and it was instantly rebuilt. Seeming satisfied, the Aik-snui turned and lumbered off. The Fjoges looked around, confused. They wondered how the mound was built so quickly. They forgot about it in a matter of seconds, and wondered why they weren't in their nest. They scurried back inside the safety of their newly-made mound.

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