I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.

Adam and I were sitting in a cafe just off a busy high street.
The summer sun was just beginning to warm the cobbles, and the early morning dew was already starting to evaporate.

As Adam sitting there, the yellow sunshine making his hair seem like it was on fire, I began thinking about how our different paths had intertwined bringing us together. Was it luck? I thought, maybe. Was it fate? Possibly. I never have felt spiritual, or mystical about supernatural beliefs. In fact, I remember distinctly rubbishing there claims a number of years before.
He smiles, and his teeth glint like ivory in the sunlight, beacons of love radiating outwards towards me.
I may die tomorrow but I know, in my heart of hearts, that I will be dying happy.
I realize, as I sit sipping my morning coffee and chat about everything and nothing with him, that I am content.
No I am more than that.

I am loved, liberated, wanted and so many things that I have never felt before.
I can feel his love. As it were a physical, tangible thing like a blanket that I would wrap around me at night in the dark to keep me warm. There are so many people in the world who would say what we are doing is wrong, abnormal and inhuman.
How can this be? We are both consenting, we both love each other.

We are harming nobody, least of all ourselves in our relationship.Then who is to say that it is wrong?
Adam mentally wants to hold my hand, to caress it, to kiss it, to worship it.
He does all of this in his mind, and I know that he is doing it.

I know what he thinks, what he feels. I know his deepest fantasy, his deepest fear.He poured his heart out to me, allowed me to hold it in my hands. He needs me, and I need him.
Just before we get up to leave, he whispers softly at me "I love you" and the words hang silently in the air.

I wake with melancholy, and relief, in my heart. Streaks of morning sun filter in through the blinds.
All is at peace once again. Finally, and utterly at peace.