Yume Kokochiyoi: Chapter 8: Battle for the Planet

Author's Note: This is the last chapter! It has a strange twist (Well, I think it does!) at the end. Also, after the story's over, be sure to check at the very bottom for a sneak peek at Yume Kokochiyoi II: Okami Hime!

Just another short note! This beginning part is anyone in particular saying it, it's like a forward to the chapter! And also, if you notice that it switches a lot between the Akurei army and the refugees right before the battle, it's because I wanted to make it seem like a real anime. You know, right before big battles, it flashes back and forth between each side and everything!


War. Anger. Pain. Suffering. Over billions of years, this galaxy has relied on the subject of war to even the odds, to gain authority, and to rule absolute. The painstaking battles have left many slain, without comfort nor joy. Innocent lives have been snatched away to reveal the only core of survival: the power-hungry leader.

All worlds now lay, covered in the fine, red mist of blood, soaked with the flame of weary, wandering souls. The true have died fighting off this horrible coming, and now they must fight again. For the fate of the galaxy lies in their hands.

Click! Shink! The weapons of the refugee forces clicked as they awaited departure.

Yagami and Sonya marveled at their weapons. There were large guns, carrying over a thousands clips of nitric acid. There were cosmic guns, worthy of taking out whole clans of demons. Then, for those who preferred the sword battle, there were enormous ninja stars and brilliant metalloid swords.

This battalion was ready. This would be their last fight, and none had backed down.

"Men! Get ready for departure in ten!" The captain appeared, decked out in weapons from head to toe.

"Sir, Won't those weapons weigh down your agility?" Yagami inquired.

"What are you talking about? Weigh down my agility?" he laughed.

Sonya, Yagami, and the captain made their way to the front. "Now! This is the plan. It's simple, so follow! We hold off the Akureis, and Miss Sonya and Yagami get to Noh! Can we handle that?"

The crowd roared. 'We're coming to get you, Kari!' Sonya thought.

'Don't give up hope, Kari!' Yagami's face was determined.

~~~ Noh stroked the glass tube with his pointer finger, his claw-like fingernail squeaking against it. He looked on to Kari's pale, face, which had returned to a deep slumber.

"Why, why did it have to come to this? Why do I have to sacrifice my whole army for one power-struggle?" His heart became yet softer.

Then the voice inside his head took over. "You didn't really create this you know! It's not your fault! Let go of this softness. Your heart's true essence is darkness, what you're best at! You're not going to let some bitch take your throne are you? Besides, we all have to make sacrifices! Why not start now!"

"What do you mean?" Noh asked the voice.

"You know what I mean! Take them! Take their damn lives! They needn't be! When they're all gone, you'll have no one to pester you. You will be supreme ruler; able to do whatever you please! I'm sure they would be eager to please their Lord!"

"You're right! We all have to make sacrifices! This will be my final one! I shall not fall to the hands of an Angel!" He fist tightened up, and his eyes sharpened.

"Tap into that power, Noh. Tap into that power that was given to you! Use it, and you shall never fail!"

"Raghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" he screamed. He plunged his fist into the glass tube. The cracked spot sent a chain reaction throughout the tube, bursting the glass.

The water gushed out, and Kari's body fell into his hands. "You are of no use to me now!" He flung her body aside and stalked into the lab.

~~~ "Ready yourselves!" The Akurei commander hissed.

There was a wave of silence in the enormous army as they witnessed the refugee craft only miles away.

"We must be ready to fight for Lord Noh!"

~~~ Sweat dripped down every man and woman's face. They stood, anxiously awaiting, dread and fear creeping up on them. But these thoughts were quickly overcome by pride and loyalty.

The desolate planet of Suronia neared ever closer.

~~~ The Akurei's hissed, ready to engage in the immortal battle. The wind rustled the debris of wars long lost. The earth (Talking about the ground, not planet Earth!), which once flourished with greenery was now covered with crimson ashes that were blown about, stinging the eyes of beholders.

~~~ The captain twitched. Sonya and Yagami clasped their flaming jewels. There was some sensation, choking them, nervousness, or something.

~~~ The Akureis stared, the craft only seconds away.

~~~ The numb feeling spread over the refugee army....they landed. They crowded around, obviously scared, but prepared. The captain gave the signal to raise the hatch. It proved to be the longest ten seconds of their lives as the hatch was slowly raised.

There they were, the two armies face to face. The crimson ashes flew about them, smothering them.

Sweat dripped down their faces.

"Attack!" screamed the Akurei commander. The hell demons charged forward, splitting

the air with their blades.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" The cries rang out from the refugee forces. They clashed, immediately sounding battle.

It was vicious and terrible. Sonya and Yagami looked around them, trying to stop the tower. Nearby, an Akurei was sliced in half from the blade of a refugee. Their cosmic guns sounded, slaughtering groups of them. But these weapons weren't enough to stop them all. A refugee man swung his blade at an Akurei, meeting his. The Akurei pushed his blade forward, knocking him off balance, and then slicing him down the middle.

"Come one!" Sonya said. "Let's help them out a little!"

"We've got to save our energy for Noh!" Yagami yelled over the clashes.

"Aw, Come on, we won't use that much."

"Whatever!" Then, their jewels brightened, transforming them into beautiful angels with snow-white wings.

They both flew to opposite ends of the battle, creating a sphere around themselves. Then they recited together, "We send this gift to bless the forces of good, and vanquish the forces of evil!" Their spheres expanded, covering small parts of Akureis.

They screamed for help and then were disintegrated. The refugees in the sphere's path felt renewed strength and fought on. By that time, hundreds of Akureis had been slaughtered.

Sonya and Yagami flew on to the tower.

~~~ Noh sat in his lab, sweat pouring down his face. The battle had begun, and the pressure was mounting.

~~~ Kari woke and found herself amongst scattered shards of glass. Her brown hair fell in her face. She felt cold...and alone. She tried to get up, but was too dizzy and fell back down again, glass sinking into her precious skin. Small spots of blood scattered the floor where she lay. She was dazed and confused. She heard the sounds of battle going on outside. She got up, crawled over to the lookout, glass wall and saw them, hundreds of them, fighting. 'Where did they all come from?' she asked herself. Then she saw two figures, high in the sky, flying towards the tower. She didn't recognize them though, being half delirious.

Then, CRASH! Two of the glass windows shattered, and entered the two Angels.

~~~ Noh flinched. The Angels were here. Now was the time. Now was the time to harbour supreme power! He pressed the button.

~~~ Yagami ran up to Kari. "Kari, ar -"

SHINK! BA-BOOOOOOOM! All the glass shattered, creating explosions within the tower, causing it to lean. Yagami threw himself over Kari and Sonya ducked out of the way as debris flew past were her head was.

"That tower about to crumble!" a refugee screamed as he was caught off guard and slaughtered by an Akurei.

Then, suddenly, the Akurei's started disappearing. They were drawn up to the tower, screaming.

A vortex had been created in the lab, sucking the Akurei army into it. Noh withheld the force of it, slowing giving way.

The air was filled with horrific, terrifying screams as they were plunged in, one by one. The lab started increasing in electricity, and the vortex growing ever so.

Yagami still covered Kari and Sonya still held her hiding place. They watched in horror as the last Akuries were sucked into it, the debris still flying.

Then, the vortex closed. All was quiet as the cinders and small pieces flew around them. Noh, exhausted and dripping with sweat, gathered himself up and stumbled over to the forged crown. It still had small amounts of electricity jolting from it. He paused for a second, and then snatched it from the tube. "Now, I shall officialize my place on the throne by gaining access to extraordinary power!" he screamed. He slowly raised it to his head.

Yagami, Sonya, and Kari got up, not knowing what had gone on.

He placed it atop his head. Suddenly, he bulged and screamed. The Angels looked around for him, then spotted the doorway to the lab. They rushed for it, but it was too late. Noh glowed with radioactive power. His hair turned a deep purple and his eyes burned crimson. His muscles grew ever larger. His teeth sharpened to a snarl. "Now this is what I'm talking about!" he screamed maniacally. "Even more power than when I was reconstructed! I am now the ultimate power!"

Just as the teens reached the door, the walls were blown back, sending them plunging into the shattered glass. Yagami struggled getting up, blood running in a stream from his mouth. Feathers lay about from his and Sonya's bloodstained wings.

Noh appeared out of the dust, hovering above the ground, his dark cape fluttering behind him. His eyes fell upon them. He burst with electricity, sending it towards them. It was awful. They shook as if in convulsions. They screamed out pain. Kari watched as they were slowly being killed. "What's the matter? Aren't the Angels enough for me?" he laughed.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" They again set a sphere around themselves, knocking off the flow of the electric current.

Noh stumbled back. "What? It seems I will have to use extreme force to rid my sights of you! I -" He was interrupted by a series of blasts entering the tower. "Huh?" He looked behind him as the rest of the refugees continued fire. "Well, looks like I'll have to take care of you imbeciles first! JIGOKU VORTEX!" Then another large, black vortex opened in the center of the room.

"What the hell?" Sonya asked in disbelief.

Then big, dark shadows stared arising from it. There were hundreds of them. They all carried large swords and their black wings sprouted out from behind them. They swarmed around the refugees, flooding them with attacks, slaughtering most. "Say hello to the Jigoku Akureis! Or in other words, Hell Demons!"

They were fast, very fast. They bolted around them, ripping them, tearing them. They screamed in agony.

"Kubikazari Arrows!" Sonya created a battalion of arrows that split the swarm, cutting into their black flesh.

"Udewa Reign!" Yagami withheld a strong force that picked up the shards of glass, plunging them into the Jigoku Akureis. Black spilled everywhere. They thought they had cleared them out, but more still came from the vortex.

The battle raged on outside as well. Most of the men and women were slaughtered, leaving the Akureis to take care of the rest.

Kari, escaping the demons, crawled for the lab, which held her source of power, her crown. She didn't know how she knew it was in there. It was more of a sensation that washed over her. She crawled and crawled, the crowd of demons thinning as she went.

Finally, she reached the broken walls of the lab. She looked around, searching desperately. Then she spotted it. She rushed for it and stuck her hand out. She touched its tip and was about to draw it back in her hands, but she felt a stabbing pain in her back. A demon had impaled its sword right beside her stomach. She tipped the crown over and it fell to the floor. The demon, being too stupid to pick it up, bent down to examine his victim. She quickly grabbed the crown, jammed it onto her head.

She felt a rush of power flowing through her body. She jumped up from the floor, the blade falling out of her. She grabbed the stunned demon by the neck, squeezing it, sending jolts through its body. The jolts stopped and he fell lifeless in her grip. She flung him aside and proceeded to the central room.

Demons flew at her, but she shocked them away. She stopped, horrified at the sight she beheld. Sonya and Yagami were being torn into pieces (Not literally!). The rage and anger inside of her flared. She screamed out. "Bastard! You damn bastard!!!!!!" she screamed at Noh. "Now you shall know real pain!" She flung her body forward sending two streams of psychic power towards him. It connected with him, severing his hands.

Blood gushed from them, and he howled in pain. "What -" He stared up at her. "The crown! I forgot the damn crown!"

"That's right Noh! You sure as hell forgot about it! The Udewa has given me full power, full, merciless power!" She flung her body forward again, sending two more streams, slicing the side of his stomach. "Now, Noh. This is you final stand!" The crimson jewel from her crown shone, bright and full. It sent a wave of energy at Noh's head.

"Nooooooo!" he screamed as it headed toward him.

The blast connected with his forehead, sending a stream of blood from it. It was a brief moment, and he fell lifeless to the floor.

Kari looked around her, sending blasts of energy at the demons. No matter how much she sent out, they still came. She cleared a path out and stood in front of Yagami and Sonya, protecting them. Suddenly a small utter came from Sonya. "Someone's going to have to seal that vortex."

"How, the crown was destroyed and that didn't help. What do you -" Kari stopped as Sonya stood up and started to run. "Sonya! No! Don't sacrifice yourself, we can hold them off!"

"Kari, I love you. (The sisterly kind of love!) Tell Yagami I said bye." She looked back at Kari and smiled. She then threw herself into the vortex.

"Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! SONYA!!!!!!!!" Kari cried.

Then another powerful wind picked up. It started sucking the demons into it, their agonizing cries piercing the sky. This time, Kari covered Yagami, keeping him, holding him. Tears gushed from her eyes.

The few refugees that were left were mystified as the last of the demons were sucked away. Then, it was a hazy bliss.


"Thanks for your help."

Yagami and Kari turned around. It was the next day and they had spent all afternoon atop a hill, mourning the loss of their dear friend. They now faced the captain and his thirteen men left.

"We couldn't have done it without you," Yagami smiled.

"We hope you'll stay and help us rebuild. We've also discovered a few more camps hidden around here, but only a few are alive. I think with your help we'll be ab -"

"Sorry," Kari spoke. "But we must pursue our own destiny. And that destiny is on Earth."

"You mean, you're not helping us?" the captain asked, stunned.

"No," Yagami laughed. "We'll help you." He smiled, the first smile Kari had seen on his face in a while.

They walked off, talking together, dreaming about their new life on Earth.

She stopped and looked around her, at all of the people. 'You know, I was never alone.'

Yume Kokochiyoi II: Okami Hime: Special Preview

The Akureis and Noh have all been defeated, and Earth is at peace. It's two years later and the newlyweds, Yagami and Kari, mourn the death of their friend, but want to start a new life of their own. They want to live a normal life once again, to not endure the hardships of fighting demons and such. Well, that day will have to come later! When Kari starts having weird dreams about this strange woman and demon wolves, and deaths turn up in the honeymooning city of Portland, Maine, they have no choice whatsoever. They have to call upon the power of The Angels once again. To add to their load, two not so friendly bounty hunters are set on the mission of capturing Kari and Yagami. They follow them to Maine and soon catch word of the village deaths. They can't resist this matter and attempt on catching the new evil themselves. With only two members of The Angels, can they defeat the evil rising over the town and stop the bounty hunters from causing even more havoc?