Although I have only had the pleasure of getting one flame, I'm going to teach everyone about the wonders of flames. Please open your textbooks to page 386.

Here's the one flame that I was lucky to get:

Man oh man. Dr. ENZYME? HAHAHAHHA! I bet you worked really hard on this. Too bad it sucked.

I got such a kick out of this! LOL! Thank you so much! I loved it!

But really, flames are so great! They tell soooooo much about what they'd like you to fix in the story. Let's take it down into parts, shall we?

"Man oh man."

That part told us A) the flamer has no idea what commas are and B) he's about to say something VERY IMPORTANT! Listen to him!


That part tells us the flamer A) at least knew THAT word from science class or B) has just looked up the word "enzyme" in a dictionary or C) just thinks that enzyme is a very stupid word. At any rate, we now know that this genius will never make it very far in Med. School.


Now we've found out the flamer A) likes to laugh in loud guffaws and B) likes "H"s enough to type them twice in a row just for me! How sweet!

"I bet you really worked hard on this."

I can only make one guess on this: the flamer spent all his detention time working on his sarcastic phrases. Good for him! That's much more important than schoolwork!

"Too bad it sucked."

The flamer has taken the time to review my sucky story! How wonderful! I love you flamer! Hugs and kisses!

This concludes the flaming class. Single file please. Leave your flames at the door. They'll be graded and given back tomorrow. There will be a test on this on Monday.