Hello class! I hope your IQ s are back to normal. Today we are going to learn about the inside of a flamers mind. Yes! You know what that means! FIELD TRIP!

Now everyone hop in the bus. Yes, yes. I know the bus is far too big. At least it would be for a normal person's head. But the flamer's egoistic head is big enough for all of us PLUS a bus! Isn't that amazing class? * series of "ohhhs" and "ahhhs" *

Now notice how much of the brain is small except for the part in the front. This part is called the Limbic System. It controls anger, jealousy, fear, and anxiety. This part is enlarged from the enormous amount of use it gets from the flamer.

Now just walk around the Limbic System. No, do not poke it! Hey! Didn't I tell you not to poke that? Geez, I'm not too sure if YOUR IQ is back to normal from last class. * shakes head * Well, now I want everyone to look up. See how much space there is around us? Let's talk about what that's for.

There are a few reasons. The first is to make the flamer look like his brain is bigger than it actually is. There is actually a 3 ½ inch space between each side of the brain and the skull and 3 between to brain and the top of the skull. See? The brain is actually very, very small.

The second one is for health reasons. You see, we can't have all our flamers dying on us. Then who would give us all that GREAT criticism, huh? So they have that space in between there so when the angry writers come at the flamers, the jolt to the head does not affect the brain much.

Well, sadly, we must go. Exit out the left ear please. Good job! Please go to the sink and wash your hands. Bob! I see you! Don't you dare leave without washing your hands! I saw you poking that brain before!

Have a very nice day class. I'll see you very shortly! Toodles!