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Resurrecting Death

I am me, plane ol' ordinary me.  If I had to describe myself, I suppose it would be along the line of being fairly average—I mean, I don't lack too much, and I don't have a lot either.  But that's talking in terms of wealth positions, let's dive in further shall we?

I'd love to say I'm your ordinary girl, and leave it at that, except I'd feel guilty doing it, being that I don't consider myself the "ordinary girl", I don't think any one is.

I'm about 5' 8", 5' 7", somewhere around there and weigh about 132 or 134, you know, I never pay attention to those types of things.  I'm pretty slim and are told often that I look like I should play basketball, soccer, track, some type of sport were strenuous activity is made.  Surprisingly enough, I don't.  Yes, I do wound up getting loathed when I share that small piece of information…oh well, what can I say?  It's in the genes?

Academic wise, I think it'd be okay to just say I'm above average on that.  I have, basically, all advanced placement courses, my grades, in all, being breath taking and extraordinary.  And the weird thing about that is that I don't even study…well, why lie?  I don't study most of time…unfortunately, when I tell people this bit of information too, they seem to hate me more…silly people, they should know not to envy me, no matter how better I may seem and actually be compared to them.

Now, most people, when knowing all this about me so far, are so quick to assume that I'm unhappy about things, when in fact, I could never be happier.

People tend to think that there are other problems in my life, family, friends, and relationship wise.  Again, I'm happy to say that they're just fine.

My family's not too big, not too small.  I got three sisters—no brothers, one being my twin.  I'm the youngest of the group, and the most creative; I won't go into detail about them, there's nothing much you need to know. 

Darci--the oldest--is 19, after that comes Tiffany, she's 16, and then there is my twin and I—both 15. 

My name?  Call me Christy, and her name?--Bitch, or at least that's what I call her.  Others call her Christen, mostly because it's her birth name, but whatever, this is about me—selfish, I know, but sometimes, that's how it's got to be.

My family and I are close; we have family dinners every now and then, nothing to die for.  We're just ourselves, living out our lives and for what?  We don't know.

If you ask me, life, is just a complete waste of time.  I mean, what do you accomplish by living it? 


Everything you make while you live is completely lost when you die, and to think that living should be a thing in which you make a point out of yourself--make a reason for your existence—is just stupid…or at least I think it is.

It's useless—everything's useless—you all die in the end, don't you?  Sure, you might be lucky and become a legend, but face it--you're not going to be living for long and so what if you happen to become widely known--What difference does it make when you're dead?

It often amazes me how I can raise myself everyday and go to school, another cheery smile on my face for my friends, and even for people I don't know.  We all work towards some unknown goal we'll probably never get. 

After all, we're only human—remember that saying?  Yes you do; and how correct it is. 

We are only human's aren't we?  And because of that, we're condemned to fail—crash and burn in everything we try our hardest in.  Maybe some people actually get to their goals…but then where does it get them?  Something goes wrong, suddenly--they're on tabloids caught doing stunts incredibly stupid. 

See what I mean? 

We're only humans—beings thinking they need the knowledge of what lies beyond, if something even lies beyond, simply because they feel they have a right to know, or, maybe it's more like, they want to find out just to prove that they can.  We're people in which some feel as if they're greater than others simply because of skin, race, or religion, something I find hard to comprehend, being that we are only human, right?  Same components; same maker; yet, we're different—in personality, yes, but in speaking power, or just simply "better", people can't possibly believe that it's true…but humans are stupid, so this type of assumption from them should be expected.  They'll continue on, lying to their kids and telling them that there's more to live for, more to experience, when in reality, there isn't.  This is "life" we're talking about—every move made is most likely unpredicted and will, in the long run, catch up to you…well…maybe not "every" move, but most of them.

Everyday we go through, we encounter more and more, learning things that, sadly enough, won't help us the distant future parents tell us we're someday going to have to live in—but they forget one simple thing—we already are living in it.  Just because we get older by a year or two doesn't mean that we'll change—we're still the same, maybe a bit smarter, a bit cooler, a bit sexier—but we're still assholes that just got older, nothing more, nothing less.

And that's the way I think…now I suppose you're wondering why, right?  Well, that can easily be answered…my eyes were opened, and I, for once, was able to see the world as it truly was…kinda' reminds me of the Matrix, but enough about movies, more about me.

I didn't always think like this, no, there was--once upon a time--a girl (who just happens to be me) who thought along with the beliefs everybody else like herself were told to believe.  She believed that there was more to life; that her small years were only the beginnings, and that she would never see the "real" world until she grew older and able to support herself.

Unfortunately, freshman year of high school rolled around and…well…she met somebody.  A smart, bright young women like herself who happened to be a senior.  The two met in the most typical way—the little fish didn't have anywhere to sit at lunch and…well…the senior wanted to make friends, and so she did, inviting the small girl over to her table of close-knit friends, and from then on, the plot begins to develop.


Oh?  What is this?  Another story?  Ah well…sadly enough, it is another story…go on now, tell me what you think…should I continue?