When I saw a blue rose, I remember.

Walking alone in the city that I stayed,

Walking around to entertained my boredom,

And suddenly I saw the beautiful blue rose,

Selling near the florist shop in Chinatown.

When I saw the rose - I remember,

A time when I bought a blue rose,

On one hot Monday afternoon,

And gave it to a close friend of mine,

As a gift of our beautiful friendship.

Though she does not want anything from me,

But alas I disobeyed her,

And bought the beautiful blue rose,

And gave it to her as a surprise present,

And she appreciates it sincerely.

I would always remember her,

Whenever she helped me or took care of me,

Either I was sick or sad,

And to show my appreciation,

I gave her the beautiful blue rose,

And wish that the blue rose would always,

Bring joys and beautiful memories,

In this beautiful friendship forever.